Friday, July 29, 2011

In case I never told you

It was fun.
I loved hanging out with you, giggling over inside jokes, doing ridiculous things like headstands in hotel rooms. Oscar Movie Madness, and happy hours, and Vegas trips. Loud ghetto laughs at inappropriate moments, Super Secret Trips of Awesome, surprise parties, BBQ's, karaoke, and marathon movie nights. Just Dance competitions, 2AM texts, and I Spy. Picture booths, water gun wars, and concerts. Helping me get pictures with rock stars. ESPECIALLY THIS.

Thank you.
For not judging me. Much. Even when I was obnoxious. Or weird. For lending me money, helping me clean. For your helpful assvice. For giving me a shoulder to cry on, or crying with me, when I needed it. For just being there when I didn't want to talk. For knowing when I needed what. For being honest with me. For sticking up for me when I couldn't/didn't do it for myself. For standing behind me looking all menacing and shit when I started popping off at the mouth. For loving me.

I'm sorry.
For hurting your feelings. Sometimes, I don't think before I speak. OR. I can be too blunt. Or mean, impatient, inconsiderate. I'm human. For getting so caught up in my life that I didn't call to see if you were okay. Or if you needed me. I can be selfish, and easily distracted. I wish that I had spent more time with you. I wish that I could take back that thing I said/did that hurt you.

I am blessed to have family and friends such as you. I have known you forever, and not quite as long. I met you when I was 5 years old, at work, walking to the bus stop, randomly, over the internets. I didn't know how fast we would click, how easily we would fall into friendship, how tightly we would hold on to each other. But I'm glad we did. I love you for loving me the way I am, for being able to read me like a book even when I haven't said a word. For being able to cheer me up when I haz a sad. For telling me things I need to hear, whether or not I wanted to hear them, sometimes without you even knowing it. I love you for being you.

If I never get the chance to say good-bye to you. I just wanted you to know today.


Rusti said...

wonderful post... very inspiring. thanks for sharing.

EmmieJ said...

I fully expect you to make me laugh. But damn, girl, I wasn't expecting you to make me cry today. I love you. I wish it didn't take me 30 years to find my SFAM but I am sure glad I did.

Quoting lyrics with you for all time,

EmmieJ said...

Don't ask me where that random ass Google name came from. #yearsago That's what I get for using Google to comment because I was too embarassed of the fact I haven't posted to my blog in like a year to log in via Wordpress. Stupid Google.

Gilsner said...

I could just *smush* you right now, lady! I've only ever had the pleasure of hanging out with you IRL what, twice, now? But I must say, I think you're fan-fucking-tabulous and I am so lucky and honoured to call you 'friend'. Your post is lovely. Just like you. *hugs*

Lex - @laprimera said...

I love you! Thanks for being an awesome friend. For making me laugh. And helping to fold chonies. :). <3

Mom2Jazz said...

WTF...not cool dude. I cant go in to the chair's office looking all cry faced. Love you too.

Issa said...

I just want to say that you are awesome. And I hope to see more of you this year.

Sistuhgurl said...

Sissie!!! I <3 you too.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye? Not yet not by a longshot! You have years more!

Jess said...

Thanks for being you. For always having the gusto to embrace every aspect of your personality, good or "bad". For being human and sharing your emotions...all of them. I love you to pieces and cannot wait to do handstands and mean mug** with you this weekend.

**I'll hold your purse.