Monday, February 16, 2009


Word on the street is that Auds over at Barking Mad is having a give away. $250 Target gift card. Even though I firmly believe that Target is the devil. I'm totally in. Because? Even though I know Target is bad news, I still love it so much. (Where else can I get cute knee socks AND books plus maybe my favorite soap ever?) And if I

All she wants is to see your favorite posts. She says she wants a date to get to know us better and what better way that for us to read some of our favorites. So here you go. All about me, in a handful of posts...

Read in awe, as I show you my .....Marriage in Real Life and talk about My awesome kids.
Be prepared to back away slowly, as I discuss my Conspiracy Theories.
Did I ever tell you about the time where I decided to take over the world?
Or maybe to really know me, you should read about my weird phobias or perhaps you would enjoy a story about The generally ridiculous way I live my life?

So there. She asked for some of my favorite posts and there they are. A Short & sweet post. Kind of like me. Well. Short, like me. Sweet? Not so much.


Lump said...

say what?? 250 bucks at Target? oh how i need that. :)

Anonymous said...

Here is your basket (with green bows) and sorry no ice water there lady.