Monday, September 29, 2008

Flirting is a contact sport

At least in Vegas.

This weekend, I went over to the Hard Rock Hotel to see this guy:

David Grohl, Foo Fighter.

Kick ass concert, lots of booze. Sang songs I hadn't heard in a THOUSAND years, talked a bunch a shit in between his songs, brought out a surprise guest (NOT Lemmy of Motorhead, surprise!) And did a an encore.

AFTER the concert, my friends & I went over to one of the clubs in the casino. Let me first start by saying, I almost NEVER club in Southern California. I'm not sure why, but I haven't seen the inside of a real club - not to be confused with a bar, or a karaoke joint with music --in years. In Las Vegas though, I don't mind so much. Like I said, I was gonna flirt with some cute boys, and drink...and where else to do that but in Las Vegas?

But first, you gotta get past the bouncer. Three girls + 2 corsets and 1 low cut top...? No problem. Come right on in. Locals are free & concert goers get a free pass tonight, and here's some passes for tomorrow. Who's buying the first drink? I will. But I'm not buying another drink tonight. So my friend, who is living in Vegas now, picks up a guy. Wants to dance all night. 2nd rounds on you, mister man. Me, I'm dancing by myself. Mr. I'm from New Orleans walks up and wants to know where I'm from. L.A., here for a concert. Thank you for the lovely compliments, as I fend off his hands grabbing my butt...I'm drinking Vodka & Cranberry. And don't forget my friends. (You know what Snoop says..."ain't no fun, if the homies can't have none")LOL.

Well, hello Mr. Awkward dancer! If you weren't so cute that I want to pinch your cheeks, I wouldn't let you keep trying to dance with me. Except, you got TOO close, and got my hooks of my corset caught on your shirt.
You: Said I was so very pretty and couldn't stop hugging me.
Me: Okay, I gave in to temptation and pinched his cheeks. Guess which ones *wink*..Haha.

My friend who came with to Vegas meets a guy. He's Canadian, eh. He's cute, and he's got bottle service. Who's got next? Jack & Coke for everybody!

I meet a guy "here on business", from New York. I started flirting with him because he didn't look like he was having a good time. And I was having so much fun, I wanted to give him something to smile about. The compliments have escalated, y'all. I have moved up from so very pretty to SO DAMN SEXY. He's dancing, which has always been a way for men to get their hands on you without you putting up too much of a fight. I am not a liar, and since he asked, I tell him that I've got no boyfriend, because I'm married, and The Man frowns on me having one. He's no slouch in the macking department says: If I were HIS wife, he wouldn't want to share me either. (I dunno, could he put up with my shenanigans? I'm not sure.) Either way, next round is on you Mr. Here on Business. Drinkin's not cheap in this club. Hey, he must really have a few dollars because the REST of the drinking is on him...Or perhaps, my boobs charm swayed him to pick up the tab? I ended up wearing his watch 'cause it doesn't matter what time it is with me (never heard THAT line before..but again, don't get out much). I DO return it when the club closes, but I do get to keep this as a parting gift:

His Room Key. As we were talking, he mentioned that he was staying in the Hotel and that his room key had the Foo Fighters on it. I asked him for the room key, and because of my boobs I'm such a nice girl, he agreed to give it to me. Even though I declined all the other things he wanted to give me *wink wink...nudge*
I also: made $50 bucks in tips at the crap table because I hit my point twice and some guy at the other end of the table won several hundred dollars on me AND he said I was the best view he'd seen all night when I leaned over to throw my dice, got propositioned on the way to the rest room by what had to be the most gorgeous man in the world, AND a very nice man bought our breakfast before we left the casino FINALLY at 7AM because he said we looked like we were having a good time.
Damn, I love Vegas. Almost as much as I enjoy being a girl. Just remember, you have to exercise your flirting muscles to stay strong. Otherwise, they get weak and you have to buy your own drinks.


Miss said...

Damn girl. We gotta go to Vegas.

Katie said...

Looks like Vegas is my next trip!! haha! :)

so glad you had an awesome time!

Kori said...

You + Me + Vegas? Baaaaaaad news. though I love The Grohl.

Shania said...

Am. So. Jealous.

jennyonthespot said...

And the girl can work it!!! Right on.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I love the Foo Fighters--I listen to them almost every day!

vegas--always a good time :)

Tam said...

HI I just finished posting about MY BOX you sent me and the PICTUES are up on my blog...just wanted to let YOU know! Thanks again! HOOAH

Cormac Mac Art said...

I get the impression that those flirting muscles were magnificant twin peaks peeking out. You tease!

Mamasphere said...

I can't flirt worth shit anymore. I watch the young girls do it and stare in wonder, lol. Those were the days. At least for me. YOU still have it!

angel said...

oh that sounds like a total blast- i wanna come next time too!!!