Monday, December 1, 2008

Brought to you by the Letter N

Brandy over at I'm Not Your Average Soccer Mom had a meme that I thought was pretty cool. TEN of my favorite things...with a twist. All of my things need to start with N.

So I bring you - My List of favorite things, to the Nth power. Hah.

1. Nine West - because I like SHOES. Somewhat of a shoe FREAK really. I was going to built a WHOLE SHOE CLOSET in my spare room, that was spare because The BOY moved out to make his way in Santa Cruz, but...he made his way back home, so...I'll have to save my selfish shoe closet obsession until he moves out FOR REAL. LOL.

2. Noting of your life in an internet fashion - also known as a BLOGGING. Some of my favorites? Laural Out Lout and She's Lump. They're both pretty hilarious. (Hmm...This letter N is much more difficult that I thought it would be.)

3. Nature - I enjoy playing outside when I get the chance. Bike riding on the beach (hurray for living in a place where weather allows most of the time), outdoor concerts, the smell of fresh cut grass that I didn't have to cut myself, naturally...and cookouts on the weekends.

4. Ninjas - Because in a fight between Pirates vs. Ninjas, even though Pirates are way cooler (they've got wine, women and really cool songs to sing)... a Ninja would kick a Pirates ass before the Pirate could slug his first chug of Rum.

5. Nooners - Yep, nothing beats love in the afternoon. Heh.

6. The 'Net - Hey, without it, how would I be friends with all of you? And how else would I have found out about Cake made with tequila?

7. Neighbors & New Friends - My real life Neighbors are awesome. They attend all the get togethers at the house and have a few of their own. And my bloggy new friends are pretty awesome too. (And pretty entertaining, I have to say)

8. New York, New York - That would be the city AND the hotel in Vegas. I like to travel and do as much as I can and I LOOOOVE Vegas. (And I couldn't figure out another way to get those 2 things on the list...they don't start with N and I love them both.. Well. Travel & Vegas, not the NY hotel because when I stayed there, I was in a room soo fucking far from the elevator I should have stayed in the hotel next door, and this one time while trying to get to my room I almost PEED on myself because I was a)drunk b)unclear on how long it was REALLY gonna take to get back to my room and....TMI? okay. Moving along)

9. That Nincompoop I married. Also known as The Man, whose nickname actually DOES start with N.

10. Nonsense - Like movies that make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts, playing games with the Brat, hanging out with my girl friends, corny jokes, and This.

So there you have it, some of my favorite things, brought to you by the letter N and the number 10.

Now, Brandy gave ME my I guess if you wanna play...I'll give you yours.


Brandy said...

You did a great job - Nooners has to be my favorite although I'm intrigued by the tequila cake.

You met the cast at a Harley event - now we HAVE to be bloggy BFFs. That is sooooo cool.

Lump said...

I would try this with the letter N, but then I probably would copy answers because I would get stuck. oooh but, please do give me a letter! :)

and lady, your blog is one of the first I always check! You crack my ass up!

I like to think I'm a Ninja that likes to drink Rum.

Slick said...

Shoot, ninjas are cool!

And as far as nature, I don't know. It does look cool on TV :)

Tam said...

That was a COOL! Loved your letter N. I have not visited for a little bit but wanted to say HI! I am the Army wife with whom you exchanged our favorite things with. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Nooners and NY,NY both!

Ninjas kick ass too. Did you notice my boy was wearing a ninja mask in his picture? My little ninja bear.

Tam said...

Thanks for YOUR COMMENT about our Nephew! HE was determined to be a Marine....and ya know my Husband being Army and all...LOL LOL HOOAH and Semper Fi

Laural Out Loud said...

Nonsense is totally one of my favorite things. Life would be so dull without it!

Miss said...

Awesome. I like this. And you know I love Vegas. When are we going? ;-)

And I'll totally play. Because I'm some kind of glutton for punishment.