Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving – A retrospective

Wednesday: Stayed at work later than I planned to, because my job passed out checks early and one of my MDs does not have direct deposit. (Who goes to the bank to deposit PAYCHECKS anymore, for goodness sakes? Get it together DINOSAUR, direct deposit is where it’s at)

Still Wednesday: Went to the commissary to pick up fixin’s for thanksgiving DINNER because The Man invited company over AT THE LAST MINUTE.

Thanksgiving Day: Got up at the crack of dawn to make dinner because I still had to make an appearance at my family’s Thanksgiving Dinner

The Good:
Playing Catchphrase (a word guessing game) with the fam –
Word used for me to guess the “catchphrase” :Scary
Actual Word: Clown

My sister insisting I eat a piece of cake she made from scratch. Said that caramel icing almost gave her and her daughter 3rd degree burns and so I better get some and like it. (“Eat the cake Anna Mae” – Guess that movie. Hint: She just turned 69. heh.)

Me & the aunties playing 3-card poker. I got a 3 of a kind. Too bad we were playing with fake poker chips… I won $750.

A phone call from Okinawa! At midnight (girl, you better work on the time difference…LOL) We missed our extended family for the holidays. Sounds like they're enjoying themselves and The Man said he will put me and the brat on a mac flight to come visit next year (yay!)

The Bad:
I’m still SO FULL

The Ugly:
Had to be at work today. Grrr..

All in all, good times had by all. I can be thankful I have a job, even if they DO make me work on days everybody else is off.

Hope Everyone had a happy Thanksgiving too!


Simple Answer said...

Hmmm. Mac flight and yay. Probably two things that should never be put together!

Remind me never to play poker with you!

Sounds like fun - except the work part.

Anonymous said...

LOL: Late Okinawa Love

raino said...

good for you! that's quite a win especially right before christmas. bonus.

Lump said...

So how was the cake? What's love got to do with it? ;)

I was explaining that game to catchphrase to a friend and I couldn't think of the damn name of the game!! Now I remember. Thanks to you.

Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!