Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pop Quiz

Good Evening class. Betcha didn't know you were going to stop by and get pop quizzed. Of course, you didn't. Pop quizzes always take the quizzees (is that a word? anyone? anyone?) by surprise.

Lucky for you, it's multiple guess*.

Question #1:

So, I run into a co-worker I haven't seen in quite a while. She's changed departments and I work in a pretty big place. She spends THIRTY MINUTES catching me up on her life. Then she says, "So...How are you?"

The Answer? "I...

a) am wondering why its called PRE-Menstrual Syndrome, I never have it PRE, always DURING. Have a happy period, my ass.

b) am wondering where The Man hid my surprise that was delivered ding, dong, ditch style by the UPS guy...

c) am surprised they continue to let me work here. I told my MD that I was "F'ing his I". WHY couldn't I have said "I was letting him know" like normal people?

d) think my ass is expanding exponentially for the holidays.

e) have a love/hate relationship with the MAC store in the mall by my job. I puffy heart & rainbows their make-up, I DO NOT heart their employees there.

1. have a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket.

f) don't understand the purpose of the Victoria Secret "Fashion Show". They're panties! Panties on TV, people.

g) cry on the inside because I really, REALLY miss wearing high heels.

h) need a drink. Already.

i) am fine, thanks.


all of the above.

Too Easy?

Question #2: Chuck Norris solved the Bermuda Triangle by using the Pythagorean Theorem.

True or False?

*Please be aware this counts for 25% of your grade. (Didn't you HATE it when teachers did that? What kind of jerk would give you an exam with like, 4 or 5 questions on it, and then tell you shit like "this can make or break your grade in this class"? A big GIANT teacher jerk, that's who.)


MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

ROFL! Oh snap--you're hysterical!
My answers:
1. All of the above (though today I've thought about a and d all morning.)
2. Uh, since it sounds completely outlandish, I'm gonna have to say true.

Visiting from SITS, and I sure am glad I found you! Thanks for the laughs...

The Muse said...

Oh no I see a big red X across my paper!
I want to choose f, h and i....oh those multiple choice get you everytime!

And we all no the big CN is a genius so True!

(loved the prose addition to Rhyme Time! :) )

AndreaLeigh said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I, too, love the MAC store but sometimes their employees are quite snooty. I get PMS during my period as well. And I think both my boobs and ass are growing, which is unfortunately, because both are already large enough. :)

The Muse said...

Hello! I am very very pleased that you participated in Rhyme Time...The whole work has now been posted...And I am honored that you are part of the Christmas Chain!!

Anonymous said...

Sooo......... tells us how you really feel.

Mrs. S said...

thanks for stopping by yesterday! I appreciate all the kind comments.

oh man, that's too much!