Friday, August 22, 2008

Cake CAN get you drunk.

I did it. Yesterday, I made a birthday cake. I couldn't decide. What kind of cake was I going to make? I was going to go to the store, and get some fancy icing, maybe a cake pan, ooohh and some of those sugar crystals to decorate. But. Well, I didn't. I finally based my decision on what I already had on hand. Lemon cake mix. And tequila.

Originally, the plan was to make a cake SHAPED like a patron bottle, because after all it was 1) a party for a grown up and 2) how DO you make a cake with tequila in it, is that even possible?

Well, turns out in the world of internets, ANYTHING is possible! Even a tequila cake. LOL. It was actually called a MARGARITA CAKE, but let's face it...the best thing about a margarita, is the tequila.

So I hoped for the best and used me a brand new, never been tried before recipe for a cake to use THAT SAME EVENING. Yeah, I'm crazy optimistic. And then, because it wasn't good enough to try random recipe, I also dug up a random recipe for icing...made a bunch of changes and used THAT.

The result?
Ta-da! Was it made with real Patron? Oh yeah, only the best. Even in the icing. That I made myself. Yeah, I'm a kick ass baker. It was real, and it was FABULOUS.
The bonus? Didn't have to spend so much on the drinking, because the icing was 80 proof.
Yeah, it was a happy birthday.


Mrs. Newlywed said...

What a great idea for a cake!

I may have to do a little Google search for that recipe!

Shania said...

What is this "baking" of which you speak? I'm not familiar with that term.

Although, cake? Yeah, REAL familiar with that.

Kori said...

Snort snort, remind me that even though I think your cakes are beautiful, you are also dangerous with them. :)

Still alone, not lonely said...

I am in awe of your abilities! I would never have thought of using booze in a cake. My hat is off to you! Was there any leftovers?

Mom Taxi Julie said...

OMG you are my hero, my birthday is Feb 8th ;o)

Mamasphere said...

Can I put an order in for next May?

Katie Says said...

I bet it tastes AMAZING! I need one of those cakes every week! ;)