Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have so many things to tell you, but let me start with last night...

I do. I have a LOT OF THINGS to tell you.
My husband turned 40 the other day, The Boy turned 21 and then I took him to Vegas stories. But. I've been busy. Or am lazy. Not sure which. Either way.

Last night I went to the Slide Bar in Fullerton for Rockers in the Round. Last minute gig that a facebook friend mentioned. And me, thinking OH I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO BUT WORK TOMORROW decided, yes. It sounds like a GREAT IDEA. That's me, y'all. I am full of it GREAT IDEAS.

ANYWAYS. So even though I have a whole lot of stories that I want to tell you guys. I'm going to tell you this one. Because I sent an e-mail to my friends about last night. Which, pretty much is a post. So. Enjoy:

Subject: A few things

1. I went last night. It was FUN.

2. Chris was walking around ordering drinks at the bar AND NOBODY NOTICED HIM BUT ME AND SARAH.
     a. I did not drink. Because I was in FULLERTON. BY MAHSELF
3. Then he stopped to talk to us. At some point I said, “See how much I love you? I’m going to be here until AFTER midnight, and I have to be at work at 7:30 IN. THE. MORNING.” (He says, well, I have to take my kids to school in the morning, so I feel your pain. And thank you for coming out. REALLY)
4. He’s SO. SWEET.
5. The people who go frequent that bar are some sketchy looking characters. FO SHO
6. The opening band “something 257” SUCKED. HARD.
     a. Their drummer didn’t have any legs.
     b. No. REALLY. Wheelchair.
     c. And now I’m dying to know how he played the drums because we left during their set (see #3)
7. I got home at 2AM
8. He also said to be on the lookout for more random shows.
9. Oh yeah:
Me. Chris Shiflett
(I'm not going to explain. Because you should know)


Kellee said...

LOL - sounds like a good time! :)

Burgh Baby said...

Rub it in, why don't you!

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