Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday?

Maybe. This may be a thing. Or maybe it will just be a thing for a little while. Either way. Apparently I make lots of lists.

So, I’m going to try to use this website to track my food intake. STARTING TODAY. I would like you to know that:
  1. If I want to lose 2 pounds a week (or is it 1.5), I can only have 928 calories
    • That’s not a lot of food
  2. I used it today withOUT regard to how many calories I ate so I can see how much I routinely eat
    • Grande Chai Tea lattes are 200 calories (I didn’t drink the whole thing; I never do)
    • Now I only have 345 calories for dinner
    • Including any/all snacks
    • There’s an orange sitting on my desk and I’m scared to eat it.
  3. I’m DEFINITELY going to have to go to the gym, so that I can have sommore calories.
    • Starting tonight
    • Who's with me?
  4. OMG. 928 Calories.

 It should be noted, that these calories do not include any sort of exercise. Which. I WILL BE DOING. So that will allow a couple hundred more calories. Also? Why didn't it have an option for sedentary job, but busy like a motherfucker once I clock out? AND? I don't really think that 928 calories is reasonable. But I guess if I eat healthier, maybe 928 calories is a WHOLE LOT of food?
We'll see. Luckily I have the option to change it to something I think is more I WANNA LOSE WEIGHT BUT NOT STARVE TO DEATH IN THE PROCESS calorie goal.


Superjules said...

OMG eat the orange! Fruit is good for you!

agirlnamedmel said...

928 calories? you will faint! I would faint! I say take fruit & veggies and eat as much of those as you like. Then don't eat any bad carbs after 2pm. Look at me giving assvice like I have actually lost anything or stepped foot in a gym. Anywho, trust me. I'll do it with you if you want. I wish we lived closer so you could drag my ass to the gym. They hiring out there, lol.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound right, dude. What's your BMR? You probably burn around 1500 calories a day just by EXISTING. If you don't eat enough calories it will actually be counterproductive. Start with 1200 and see how that goes for a week and then adjust accordingly. Good luck!

Toni said...

Had to laugh at how you wrote this, very funny -- but OMG 928 calories?? seriously?? that doesn't sound like much food.

Aimee said...

I want to join but I can't restrict like that and I can't work out. FAIL!

J Grace said...

928 calories CANNOT be right.

Kellee said...

928 calories is absolutely not good for you. At all. For basic life function, you know like your organs functioning properly, you need to have at least 1200 calories a day. They say that women should definitely have more than that everyday as well. Be careful! :(