Monday, June 1, 2009

It's a secret, but I'm gonna tell you anyways

Every once in a great while, my friends & I get together for LESS drinking.
Sunday’s event: Vision Boards.
You know… thinking positive, things that you are aspiring to do/be/have.

There was breakfast & mimosas. Already, I’m liking this. Nothing can be all bad when there’s champagne, right? RIGHT.

We watched The Secret (did you know it was a DVD? I didn’t) I’ll admit, I’m not that great at keeping SOME secrets. Also? I have a short attention span.

The secret:
Think positive. That’s pretty much it.
(I'm sure I'm oversimplifying...but still)

It said other stuff, but I started tuning out because I start thinking about all of the things that I want from my life and if I brought enough magazines and how come I didn’t bring scissors OR elmer’s glue and how much fun it was when I would glue my hands and then peel it like I was a snake…but I DID buy some glitter glue when I went to Target for $1 and how they tricked me and I only went in to buy a board but $60 later had the board, stickers, scrapbooking stuff, a few BOOKS and STILL--STILL didn't buy the eyeliner that I needed.

I had a good time. We sat around looking through magazines, asking did anybody want a picture of Christian Bale err…Common, uhhh…WEDDING CAKE (yeah, because there are some single ladies who want to marry and have 8 babies ).

Glued to MY board: a graduation cap, a beautiful house (because I am planning to own a home – soon!), some vacation spots I plan on visiting. Also on my board:

[I am a strong woman]
Because even I need a reminder sometimes.

[Can Do]
Power of positive thinking, anyone?

And because I like it to keep it real

[How to Get What You Want From Anyone
(and we mean that in the nicest way possible)]

Hey, if I’m going to take over the world, being able to get what I want from people is a skill I'm going to need.


parentingBYdummies said...

Mimosas... that sounds good right about now while I'm sitting here @ 7:15 in the morning languishing in the calm before the boy storm I live in begins:)

Optimistic Pessimist (formerly known as marathoner81) said...

I agree with parentingbydummies - I could go for a mimosa too! Sounds like you had a fun night.

badassdadblog said...

I love that you sometimes get together to drink LESS. Not to NOT drink - let's not get crazy. But to drink LESS. :)

JustMiss said...

Hey woman. you might be inspiring me right now. Not positive... hang on... no it might just be there.

Need to go explore this feeling of positive thinking but in the meantime, you are fabulous and I adore you!