Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's Pop Quiz time again, boys and girls!

This weekend I was in Vegas. It was 1000 degrees there. Still had a good time. When I emailed my friend to tell her what I did I told her that I:

a) was drunk before noon everyday that I was there.

b) got a wicked tan because even though I was sitting in the shade wearing sunblock SPF 5000, the sun hates me and doesn't think I'm dark enough.

c) humped a boy's leg (because he was cute and I was drunk).

d) photobombed somebody's picture at a No Doubt concert.

e) laughed so hard I cried.

f) ate at Stack in the Mirage, where a guy stared at my friend's boobs all through dinner, then paid our bill because he said we were all so beautiful.

g) mocked a guy who bought me several drinks because I was drinking a more manly drink than he was. What guy drinks mai tai's in public? THAT guy, the one who also waxes his eyebrows and don't EVEN get me started on that.

h) called a loser friend in Boston at midnight to rub in console him because his team got dealt with in the NBA finals. (Let's go, Lakers! or is it...We want tacos!)

i) ALL of the above

j) NONE of the above


k) Damn girl. Did you ever hear what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas?

answer: NOT when you go with a blogger...hahahaha


Simplicity said...

Oh yes! I'd be plastering all of that AND pictures! :) Now nobody will ever want to go with me to Vegas. Whatever...I'll go alone! WHOOT!

Kori said...

I can't even venture a guess...too busy thinking about humping some cute guy's leg.

Anonymous said...

how to you hump a mans leg and he not try to take you right there?

Laural Out Loud said...

PLEASE take me with you the next time you go.

Anonymous said...

soooo, you had a good time then?

x said...

I live in Vegas. The Strip for us locals is like kryptonite. :)

badassdadblog said...

Knowing what little I know of you, I'm going with all of the above.