Monday, December 15, 2008

Can I still call it Christmas shopping?

This week, I was under the weather (a slight understatement; I was a stuffed up, coughing, puffy-eyed, cootie-covered MESS), so I didn’t get a chance to do any Christmas shopping.

When Friday rolled around, feeling mostly better after being in a Nyquil induced haze for 2 days straight, I figured I was feeling good enough to attend my Girls Night Out Christmas Party. This usually includes, food, games, drinking –but no DRINKING GAMES (three words: Shots and Ladders. Four more: Just don’t do it) and the giving of gifts.

So I figured I better get out there and get my gift. We do our gift giving White Elephant style, with a $25 max spending limit. Because we love each other, but we are not rich.

I hadn’t decided what I wanted to get, which is unfortunate, because I can be indecisive at the best of times, let alone still foggy brained from too much Nyquil. (Am I a typical Libra? You be the judge.) My cousin sends me to Pier 1. “You should be able to find something there”. Famous last words. I found plenty:
A gift for my niece. A cookie decorating kit. Comes with Iced cookies and edible markers for her to draw on her cookies. So cute.

Twisted Martini glasses. For Me.

Hot Chocolate set for my girl friend’s daughter...

White Hot chocolate in Snow Man Jar. For Me... Noticing a trend anyone?

Know what I DIDN’T get? A white elephant gift. So I decide to go over to Sephora, because I didn’t see anything over at Pier 1 (Ha!)

Oh look.
Two-faced World Domination Tour. For Me. I've always wanted to take over the world.
Okay, Okay… I found the gift! It’s cute. It’s girly. It’s Smashbox Lip gloss. Because we don’t all wear eye make-up, but every lip is always covered. And I also spy with my eagle eye NARS Nail Polish. In a variety of dark & sexy colors. So I grab a handful and rush to the register before I can do any more damage to the checkbook. (Yeah, I totally blew the max limit…but hey, I love my girls).

But not quick enough:
For me.

Oh, the joys of giving to myself to OTHERS...


Lump said...

I went shopping this weekend and ended up buying tons of shit for me. complete failure. ;)

Kori said...

I think it would be GREAT to shop with you. Because I have a terrible time buying anyhting for myself. TERRIBLE!

wendy said...

Are you serious?! I have a secret santa at work and I and need a food gift...and she likes snowmen!! Guess who is headed to Pier 1 right this moment?! You rock!!

Laural Out Loud said...

I love ALL of those things! And, yes, it's Christmas shopping right up until the 25th. Even if it's for you. That's what they mean by the joy of the holiday spirit.

Simplicity said...

LOL @ Shots and Ladders! Dangerous!

All of those gifts look fantastic. I'd love to be in your girly group! :)

Last Place Finisher said...

Not that I want nail polish, but it would be great if guys put a little more thought into their get togethers. Or is that too "Felix Ungerish?"

Comedy Goddess said...

Oh kindred Libra! Similar things happen to me. At all times.

angel said...

awesome- i LOVE the cookie decorating kit!!

Kelli said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think you found some great gifts for you and others! I did the exact same thing at Sephora yesterday, opps! :)