Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yankee Swap. A pictorial.

This year my girl friends and I got together to exchange gifts. Yankee Swap/ White Elephant Style.

The premise:
Each person is given a number.
Gifts are drawn in numerical order.
Each person has the option of picking a gift, or swiping somebody ELSE’S gift; leaving the now gift-less person with the option of swapping somebody’s gift.
Each gift can only be stolen 3 times.
The first person has the option of swapping a gift once every one else has gone.

What it looks like:

(It should be noted that there is usually ONE gift that nobody wants. This year that gift was: BBQ set)

Throw in pink panties*, fried chicken, Caesar salad, pizza, chocolate covered strawberries, and Kahlua crème pie and you have the Girls Night Out Yankee Swap.

Good Times.

*Pink Panties Recipe:

Blended drink--
Frozen Pink Lemonade
Vodka (or Clear Rum)
Ice Cream

Top with whipped cream


Wep said...

Ok, I have typed this comment like 12 times and I can't make it sound any better. I wish we were real life friends because your pink panties sound tasty!

ARGH. The drink, the drink.

Anonymous said...

I am going to HAVE to make those! Yummy!

angel said...

i must make a note of these rules for bext year- we've just done something similar!!
i LOVE that cocktail recipe...

Lump said...

OHMYGOD I want some pink panties.

that's sounds AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

I miss that drink...once we for got who put in the rum and all the drunk ladies keep adding rum without drinking it. It was so strong and we loved it

Simplicity said...

These comments are hilarious! Everybody wants a tast of your panties!! :)

This sounds so fun!!!

Tiffany said...

My girls and I have to make pink panties next girls night. Thanks for the recipe.

Kori said...

I think it sounds like great fun, pink panties and all-but who didn't want the BBQ set?