Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They ARE watching

It's official. Somebody is recording my random conversations so that movies that I want to see, come on television right when I want to see them.

I have a list of movies on my blockbuster account 250 movies long, so I thought it was just coincidence that just as a movie hit the top of my queue, it would come on TV. Ohh, I can dismiss things like Hairspray! After all, it had just come to cable and they were running it, like, every 3 hours on the hour. But when I started adding obscure/OLD movies like Please don't eat the daisies, or How to marry a millionaire...and they would come on AMC or TCM about a week later. I began to get suspicious. Is there someone listening to my conversations and checking MY list of flix to schedule TV Programming..?

Think I'm making it up? Last week, I had a conversation about a movie that I watch whenever it comes on. No, not that one, Save the Last Dance (not better, I know). And I discovered that there is a part 2. Didn't know that? Surprise! Me either. Anyways, someone volunteered to let me borrow their copy, and I'm all, I'll come & pick it up tomorrow. And I get home, and guess what's on: Save the Last Dance 2. On MTV. Well. What the hell?

Example #2: Please Don't Eat the Daisies is one of my all time favorite Doris Day movies. I was talking to my cousin because she called to tell me Pillow Talk was on (another fave) and I said, I should just BUY my favorite movie. Then I thought, well...when's it coming on?

Fri, Nov 28, 1:15 AM
Please Don't Eat the Daisies

So I guess I don't have to. It'll be on next week. Next on my list: West Side Story and Sideways. Sideways is not airing in the next 2 weeks, but West Side Story? Next Wednesday @ 8PM.

Really? I mean, I realize the whole point is that they are supposed to be airing things that people want to see...but is there somebody besides me who wants to see Don't Bother to Knock? Which, incidentally is coming on Friday, at 6AM on HBO.

I was completely unaware that they had began stalking me by internet and listening in on my conversations to see what I'M watching. But whatev. I may as well use this power for good.

Anybody wanna see Batman Begins...?

Boo-ya. Coming on Monday, the 24th at 7PM on FX.

You're welcome.


Shania said...

Freaky! Just be sure to use your power for good.

Anna Lefler said...

Hey, Lynette!

WOW! I just opened my Mamarazzi swap gift from you and HOLY CRAP we are the same person!

I love pens...notepads...bath fizzies...sassy magnets...and on and on. I was grinning from ear to ear as I pulled all the goodies out of the box. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I'll have my official post up tomorrow afternoon and I'll do all the linking, etc., then...but I had to stop by and say thank you right now!

You are AWESOME.

Such fun...thanks for your thoughtfulness...

Take care and chat soon...



Lump said...

ok now that is some shit right there. :)

Anonymous said...

Well the same person is playing a cruel joke on me because evertime I rent a movie from blockbuster, it comes on TV a few days later.

Them damn movies cost $4.99

Laural Out Loud said...

They are totally listening. You should start talking about recent releases! Then let me know when they're going to be on.

Rick said...

Please put "They Call Me Trinity" on your list. Then drop me a note when it's on the toob. Thank you.

angel said...

oooh... somebody up there loves you!