Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still not ready

So I’ve mentioned before I’ve got a teenager. I’ve actually got TWO, The Boy is 18ish now; but the girl…The Brat has graduated from a TWEEN, to a real-live, fire breathing teenager. I’m kidding about the fire-breathing, except when she’s on her period. But then so am I, and I’ve had lots more practice breathing fire during that time of the month, so I’m not so scared of that.

(I’m scared of THIS, though…She sent this to me. She is well aware her mama is freaked out by eyeball pictures. I feel like they’re staring DIRECTLY AT ME. The subject of this small time terrorism disguised as picture mail? Boo.)

But I’m slightly scared of her growing up. After all, I was quite a handful as a teenager. I would never deny it. And she…well, she gets it from her mama. LOL. The sassy mouth, smarts, she is even MY SIZE at that age – except for the hips. I never had a pair of hips until I started having babies. Good Lawd, my baby has baby makin’ hips. I worry about her starting high school NEXT YEAR (can anybody hear me screaming on the inside?)… I worry about boys, and wrong choices, and growing up too fast…

Yesterday, she says Mommy, can me & my friends go to see Twilight after school on Wednesday? Then we can go for sushi or pizza at the mall. Now, I was ALLL excited to see Twilight myself. In fact, I was actually thinking of going to a midnight showing tonight/tomorrow morning (I never can figure that out). Anyhoots, I told my sister…Nah, I won’t do that because I’ll have to take The Brat this weekend. No point in going twice, right? Well. Fooled me. Miss thing made plans WITHOUT me. No sooner than I start thinking she’s growing up, she gets into the car singing this:

Veggie Tales! We used to watch this together when she was 5 or 6 years old. She LOVED to sing silly songs with Larry. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I know that it was just a glimpse of the baby she used to be, but still. It’s comforting to know my baby is still there and she remembers spending time with her mommy.

Now if I can just block out her singing along to Soulja boy .


Lump said...

you totally crack me up! dude, I can so rock some veggie tales.

When I was her age I used to scream and throw hairbrushes at my mom. I was such a bitch.

angel said...

oh my goodness that was funny... a fire-breathing teen? SO apt!!