Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WTF Wednesday

I am not so full of myself that I think that everybody likes me. MOST people like me (must be the Libra in me), but there are some jerks people that don’t. All I ask from anybody is honesty. If you don’t like me, then don’t pretend. I’m perfectly okay with the polite “Good Morning”, and then ignoring me for the rest of the day. REALLY.

What I hate? People who pretend to like you, but then say fucked up things that make it clear they don’t. Example: I know my supervisor can’t stand my ass. LOL. The crazy part is, she doesn’t not like me because of something that I’VE done. She just can’t stand the fact that her boss, and the BIG boss love me. So, she spends her time trying to find something wrong. Whatev. I’m a good employee and she knows it.

Because I’m a good employee who is PROFESSIONAL, I speak when she speaks. I don’t have time for small talk with you because 1) I have a job to do, and it keeps me busy, and 2) I don’t feel the need to conversate with people who don’t like me. Occasionally though, I’ll shoot the shit if it looks like she’s not going to go away until I do.

Today, I had my new purse on my desk:

Cute right? On the way to Vegas, I stopped at the Coach outlet and they were having a massive sale. So massive, that I actually bought TWO bags, and still spend way under $150.

My supervisor: Oh, that’s a cute bag, where’d you get it? Blah, blah blah…Yeah. It’s a great purse. FOR SPRING.

Umm..I live in LA. There ARE no seasons here. It’s 98 degrees and it’s OCTOBER. It’s a great purse. Period. You really could have kept your snarky comment to yourself. Especially, since you came over here to me running your mouth, and I have never even pretended to be interested in anybody's opinion of whether or not I'm fashionable.

Next time you want to try to be the fashion police, be above reproach. Or I will be forced to point out that nobody looks good in high waisted pants. Not even you.


Miss said...

WTF does that even MEAN? The purse isnt pink. Its actually a really pretty color for fall. She must be stupid.

Katie said...

HOLY SHIT! Don't wear white!! after all labor day has passed. ;)

I love the new purse!

Kori said...

Um, okay. So, I really don't like you. There. Got it off my chset. No more fake comments. HA; I hate people like that too. and I, too, love the urse; and I didn't know that people actually paid attnetion to those ridiculous fashion rules. No wonder I just never fit in, ha ha.

Mamasphere said...

Is it too late to stop by my local Coach outlet? I need a new purse without puke marks on it.

And did you put the hussy in her place?

Anonymous said...

I love that bag. I usually don't care for coach, because of the monograms all over the place...but this bag is a fav! Good job :)

angel said...

holy crap, handbags have a season!!!?!? then i've screwed it up every time, lol!