Friday, October 3, 2008

They say it's your birthday

Okay. THEY don't actually say it. Probably because it isn't. YET. But, my birthday IS in October, and in my world..that gives me cause to celebrate ALL. MONTH. LONG. And that means I can wear this:

Until the end of the month. You know I'm a hit with my co-workers. LOL. (well... except my supervisor)

This also means I am allowed to use "because I'm the birthday girl" to weasel out of any/all unpleasant tasks this month. I can also give this as a reason for speeding, drinking too much, saying things I would usually keep to myself, and wearing these:

(I'm the birthday girl, 'member? but if it makes you feel better, they match the outfit AND are somewhat obscured by boots) Who says I don't have style?

And I am going to celebrate. In fact, I'm booked every Saturday (and a few Sundays) this month. This month, I'm gonna: Go to a play, Party it up-my birthday is on a Saturday, go to the Price is Right (I know..but I've never been and it's down the street), go line dancing, go to a Halloween party --still don't know what I'm going as, but that's for another post. LOL, AND go to the Harley Davidson Love Ride and see ZZ top in concert (did I forget to mention the Foo will be there? heh two birds, one stone).
This year, I even know what I want for presents. Which will be the first time ever: A new digital camera, and violin lessons. Random, I know. But hey, I'm the birthday girl.
Now if only I could use that logic to win the lottery.


Miss said...

Happy Birthday Month!

Kori said...

I am giving myself violin lessons for my 40th! Too cool; and I love the tiara!

Katie said...

Happy early birthday! And hey, those socks are awesome!

Don't forget to have a birthday shot everyday this month. ;)

Diva Ma said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

And if you wear those socks with a tall matching hat, you could go as the girl version of the Cat in the Hat! Just a thought!

Enjoy your Birth-Month!

Carol said...

Have a terrific birthday-all month long!!!

Mamasphere said...

OMG, I love the socks! I want socks like that. I might have to go on a hunt (I think you may have started something).

I'm all for having a birthday month. Happy almost birthday!

Aimeepalooza said...

You celebrate your birthday just like me. Love your sense of style too!
and happy birthday month!!!!

angel said...

you celebrate like one is meant to doll!!!