Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Year

Here is my obligatory "NEW YEAR'S POST" (I just feel like it should be in all caps)

I don't have any resolutions. Just PLANS:

TODAY, me, dirty dayana, prima, and my sissie start the 30-day shred. Again. But for reals this time.

I'm going to Japan. With the Brat. To see my friend and his wife. And Disneyland Tokyo. (priorities, guys. I has them)

I've got classes to attend. And just a handful of classes before I graduate. If my classes don't get cancelled, or rescheduled to times when I can't attend them, I will have a degree Spring 2012.

I don't know when yet. But I've got concert plans. LOTS OF CONCERT PLANS. Some of my most favoritist bands, finished albums in 2010 and will be touring this year. I pre-concerted by crashing a Super Secret Foo Fighter Concert in December. A prelude to a promising concert season.

I was going to go to Vegas (yeah yeah, save your shocked faces) for Superbowl weekend. But I think maybe I'll be in Sacramento. And if THAT happens, I'll be drinking beer with Emmie.

Girls Night Out #2! Don't know when. Don't know where.

Blogher11! I love San Diego!

Family Reunions. Mom's side. Dad's side. That's a WHOLE LOT OF FAMILY.

No resolutions. No stressing over things I may or may not be able to accomplish. Just plans. Hoping for happy surprises. Hoping that the working out will lead to weight loss. Don't plan to give up cookies. Or drinking. Moderation, I think is what it's called?

But for now, my plan is to lay around in the bed with the brat watching the Rose Parade.

So far my plans for the New Year are working out FINE.


Laural Out Loud said...

You are going to have a fantastic year. And how jealous am I that you're going to Japan? So very. Maybe she'll talk the hubby into another 3 years somewhere else just as cool and I can go THERE! Anyway, I'll be at Blogher this year (woot!) so let's meet up!

Gilsner said...

Sounds like an awesome year lies ahead! And how can it not... those socks are AWESOME!!!

Happy New Year!! xox

Mom2Jazz said...

YAY!!! something tells me I wont be as excited about the workout by tomorrow morning....

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of your plans (as always), especially the one that included Emmie. Happy New Year, girl!