Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On turning 21...

So, I was going to write this heartfelt post because TODAY is my first baby’s birthday. And not just any birthday. TWENTY-ONE! He can LEGALLY buy liquor! But really that’s not such a milestone when you think about the fact that *I* have been buying liquor for myself since I was 16. Yeah, no wonder I got knocked up so early, right? But in fairness, I wasn’t drunk when I got pregnant…so there IS that.

Even though he doesn’t look anything like me, he is mine in temperament, in humor and intelligence. I gots me some brainy kids, y’all.

He’s got a wild side and he’s artistic. He cracks inappropriate jokes. He loves his mama.

He put me through a lot. But. I blame that on my mother’s curse. You know the one: “I hope that when you have kids, they put you through all the crap you put me through” He did. And then some.

He turned out to be a pretty decent kid. Still irresponsible (I’ve never met a kid who loses his phone SO. FUCKING. MUCH)…but then…so am I. He’s stubborn and determined to make his own way.

And I’m going to let him. Because he’s not my baby, anymore. He’s a man.

Happy Birthday, Boy.

Love you.


Superjules said...

Awwwwwwwww. Your boy is TWENTY ONE! I can't believe it. Not that I've ever met him, but still.


Issas Crazy World said...

Happy birthday to your son.

21. Sigh. That's just awesome.

Toni said...

Happy birthday to your boy, but also -- GRATS TO YOU! Motherhood id a tough gig and you deserve presents and cake as well. Hope you get em.

Mom2Jazz said...

dammit...i hate crying at work