Thursday, July 29, 2010

I never really thought

...That I would enjoy blogging so much. Which is weird, considering that I am the kind of girl who had a journal...And these ridiculous stories of mine? Are stories that if I HADN'T been blogging, then I totally would've e-mailed my friends. And not only am I writing these stories here, I also was talked into writing over here too.

...That I wouldn't even think twice about asking twitter to help me pick out shoes to buy, or to remind me to do something.

...That I would have the balls to do a meet-up with some bloggers/tweeters in Las Vegas, where I got completely drunk, got my boobs graffiti'd, and took a shitload of pictures.

...That I would make a last minute decision to crash Miss Grace's Super Secret Trip of Awesome where I'd sleep on the couch, try to figure out WTF is a Virgin Tin Lady, and randomly give a last minute tour of a Marine Corps Depot (because someone had never been on a Marine Corps Base and/or met a Marine IN UNIFORM --which, OMG. A Marine in uniform is quite possibly the sexiest sight there is.)

...That I would decide that I would go to Blogher, and end up spending 5 days in NYC, where there's going to be Hooters, and drinking and SHENANIGANS.

Nope. Never would have thought this would be my life. BUT I'M SO GLAD IT IS.


Miss Grace said...

Dude. SO GLAD you came on the SSTOA (we do must still need to plan SSTOA2011 (I'm putting myself in charge of the guest list, you can co-chair)).
Next week is gonna rock for serious.
(And me 'n Jules are traveling with liquor, cuz that's how we roll)

Superjules said...

So glad you came on the SSTOA- you added fabulousness, for sure.

Can't wait for next week!


misstejota said...

I can't wait to finally meet you in person. And please remember to let me know when you are going to Hooters.

mel said...

I'm soooo upset I won't be there to meet you. boo! I don't need to say have fun because I know you will! safe trip!

Lora said...

I'm super glad it is, because I had an awesome time hanging out with you for five days.

I miss you already, lady. You totally rock.