Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm talking to you. Yes, *YOU*

Or "A post where I attempt to get my ass in gear"

Hey Tira,

So the other day, I was talking to you about how I need to start going to the gym because honestly? My ass is HUGE. And I’ve tried, LAWD HAVE MERCY have I tried, to start some kind of workout routine (yet again) And you, said you would like to make the gym a regular part of your day too. Me? I need motivation, a workout partner. Because workout partners keep you honest. I will really roll out of bed and hit the gym at 5AM, because I HATE knowing that somebody is at the gym weighting for me (ha! Get it? See what I did there? Not funny? Psht. FINE) And seeing as how you are 9, 271 miles away...that workout partner is not going to be you.

Even though you can’t be here in body, you can be here on the interwebs. My proposition? I will be reporting to you once a week, RIGHT HERE, on my progress. And you, can do the same. Since we 1) are CLEARLY incapable of maintaining a “main” blog and a “Let’s-talk-about-my-fat-ass” blog ; 2) need to encourage each other the best we can, and 3) isn’t it better to keep a log of all this shit somewhere? May as well be here, right?

This morning, I was gonna surprise you by taking a picture of my treadmill stats once I was done. But seeing as how I NEVER bring my cell phone to the gym (I’m working out, I am not gonna answer the phone to tell you that I’m at the gym and can I call you back. I’ll just call you when I’m done so I can be all smug “Oh, you called me? I was at the gym working out” ALSO? I hate people who carry on cell phone convos on the treadmill… that is asshattery at it’s finest and you should stop that. REALLY.) I forgot. So please to enjoy a “snapshot” of today’s workout.

Calories: 200
Distance: 1.87 miles
Time: 32.18 minutes
AVERAGE Speed: 3.7 - cause you know...I walked some, I ran some, then I walked sommore.

Also.... I woke up late and I can only be at the gym until a certain time ‘cause you know I have to be at work at 7AM for fuck’s sake.

Anyways, I’ll be working out MWF and Saturday, with an option to rest Sunday – cause you know, I’ve got school. And you know I will not lie about whether I did or I didn’t go. And I’m giving you (and anybody who has read this far/is interested) permission to give me shit when I don’t do what I said I was gonna.

Let the weight loss begin. AGAIN. LMAO.

Edited to add: Hey! I was over on your blog and it looks like we’re both talking fitness!


Kori said...

Well thank God you weren't talking to me; I just crammed an entire peanute butter cheese cracker in my mouth while reading this! :) Good lcuk; I will totally call you on your shit if you don't follow through. :)

wendy said...

I'm proud of you...and also glad you didn't mean me, because I've eated a whole lot of homemade ginger snaps today...


wendy said...

AND, I'm so dazed from said ginger snaps that I typed "eated" instead of "eaten!"

Anonymous said...

Alright people she is taliking right to me...
Tira AKA ElfTea.
She looks out for me. Even from across the world. When I don't see the obvious she points it out in her special way.
So, we are off and running / walking. I will start keeping my stats too.
Love ya!
And see you in the Virtual AM.

Becky said...

you can do it!!!!!