Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Workout

THIS + 4:45 AM = OUCH

Yep, this is me checking in. And making some general observations:

Right now, my hair is braided. I got it braided because I’m lazy/tired of doing my hair and this is the easiest way to keep it looking nice. It’s almost time to take my hair down. I don’t know about the rest of y’all…but my mama – who has “good hair” did not pass it down to her daughters. And I am totally unwilling to sweat out the ‘do when I get it did. So I guess this means that I’ll be getting my shit re-braided. Which isn’t horrible because this means less time in the mirror trying to make my hair look like LESS of a rats nest…although that leaves MORE time for make up. Hmm…win-win?

I’m waiting for this one lady to go flying off of her treadmill. Mean, I know…but in my defense she runs at like 7.5 with the steepest incline available and she is hanging on the side rails with a death grip. One of these days her sweaty hand is gonna slip and she is gonna shoot backwards and hit the treadmill behind her. I hope I’m not behind her because I will probably fall off my machine in shock, and then stay down because I’ll be laughing too hard to get back up.

At zero/ dark-thirty when I hit the gym, I am at my MOST unimpressive. I probably have not washed my face and I’m wearing my stinky gym clothes (unrelated-sortof…WTF is up with people who smell freshly showered to run at the gym? Aren’t you defeating the purpose of your shower? PLEASE say you’re going to shower again after your workout… You are, right?) MY POINT though – is what’s up with dudes trying to hustle a phone number? I KNOW I’m not cute at 5AM. I’m not even friendly until AFTER my workout; so NO, I don’t want your name, NO I don’t want to give you mine and really? There are 20 other machines, do you HAVE to choose the one right next to me?

Okay, moving on to business:

YES. I went to the gym every day I was supposed to, but I did overdose on home-made chocolate chips on the 1st because I was celebrating my birthMONTH. And during this month I’m pretty much allowed to do whatever I want they will let me get away with. AND I went to happy hour Friday where I didn’t do too bad. I split some spinach & artichoke dip (see? I had veggies, not so bad, right?), although I did have it with a beverage

…or two. LOL. (Don’t trip. I still managed to lose 2 lbs this week)

Also, because it’s my birthday (and really it IS this weekend) I’m going to happy hour AGAIN on Friday (Martini Bar…mmmm). But, if you think I’m not going to get a workout in this weekend…you’d be wrong. I’m going bowling with The Brat for HER birthday, which, coincidentally is the day before mine AND because my professor chose Sunday as her furlough day, I’m even going to get in a birthday workout, before some football.

So be prepared next week for a post where I discuss how I either fell off the wagon, overdosed on Cold Stone cupcakes and drank all weekend long because it's my birthday OR a post where I drank all weekend long because it's my birthday AND STILL managed to get my ass over to the gym.


wendy said...

I forgot it was your birthmonth. Celebrate in style, as I'm sure you will! :) Congrats on sticking to the gym routine!

Anonymous said...

Good job...BTW can I get your number girl.'s your birthdaymonth!

Organic Meatbag said...

You deserve those's your birthmonth!!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

hanging onto the treadmill railing is cheating!

and it's ok to splurge during your b-day month!