Thursday, June 25, 2009

She gets it from her Mama

To what I am sure is going to be my everlasting regret, I agreed that The Brat is getting old enough to go to concerts. Or caved in from all the begging because all of her favorite bands are touring this summer and OMG - who KNOWS if Fall Out Boy will have another CD out next summer. Tom-A-to, tom-AH-to. One of her friends (and her Mom) took The Brat to see Britney Spears (don’t judge me. The Brat IS her target audience: 13 year old girl), she’s got plans to see The Jonas Brothers this summer, and I’m taking her to see No Doubt in August. And then my friend says…Hey, does The Brat want to see The Veronicas? My reaction:…? I have NO idea who The Veronicas are, so I call The Brat and ask her. SHE knows who they are… SHE would love to see them (also the tickets were dirt cheap, holy hell!)

Last night was the night. Me & Mo and our daughters. Once they realized that we were not going to hover, they asked if they could stand up front. Which they did. While we watched. From the bar. Because if I’m going to be listening to my daughters music, I was pretty sure I was going to need some alcohol.

First Band: Carney
Surprisingly good. I didn’t really know what to expect, since honestly, I thought the Veronicas didn’t have an opening act AND didn’t know they are far beyond any Jonas Brothers type act. Word on the street (from our teenagers) is that the Jo Bros opened for them before. They were signing merch & taking pictures in the lobby after the show so….

Yeah, I know. Top: Lead Singer. Bottom: Drummer (What is it with those drummers?)

Second Band: The Pretty Reckless.
Also good. The girls REALLY liked this band. Since I had never heard of ANY of these bands, I was completely surprised that the lead singer is an actress on Gossip Girl. Also? Happily surprised that I’m raising a girl who likes ALL kinds of music and not just Jonas Brother/Hannah Montana –y type bullshit. I mean, I TRY to expand her consciousness of music beyond the Ting Tings and Fergie..but you never know if it’s gonna work.

So let me just say…that I spent most of my time at the club hanging around the bar. I spied a few actor types and of course, some “I look like I’m in band types”. Most of the night I stood behind a guy who looked like Zach Galifianakis. Only an asshole. HE spent most of his time chatting up a couple of weirdly dressed chicks. One had on a flapper headband. The other one had on these HUGE glasses. They probably spend the whole second set talking and drinking. Blah blah blah…blah blah blah…Blah.Blah.Blah. GEEZ. Just shaddup already. I take a potty break and return just in time to the Veronicas. The weirdly dressed chicks?

Are now not so weirdly dressed and are on stage. The music? VERY GOOD. The Brat’s got pretty good taste in tunes.

We left around 11:30ish. I had a new respect for The Brat’s musical interests, found a couple of new bands that were pretty good. I guess the girls were feeling kind of smug that we ended up enjoying the concert after all because as we were telling them that we had been standing less than 2 feet from the Veronicas half the evening… “Have we taught you NOTHING?! How could you not know who they were?" when did the students become the teachers?

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