Monday, June 22, 2009

Flash Back from the Past

Recently, an old friend came to Cali for a visit. We met in JUNIOR HIGH (–I keep old school, they didn’t have middle schools back then). She lived around the corner from me, and we became friends as we walked the same route to the bus stop, got to know each other while we waited for the world’s worst bus driver and gossiped over lunch period. We hung out at her house, or mine, alternately giggling or complaining about homework/teachers/parents/BOYS. We cruised Crenshaw, crashed house parties, prank called, stalked boyfriends, hung out at Venice Beach.

She was there when I found out I was pregnant, took bets on whether The Boyfriend (now The Husband) & I would elope when I went on vacation to visit him in Hawaii (winner winner – I did).

We’ve stayed close through e-mails, phone calls, long distance shoulders to cry on...sometimes, when warranted..a good cussing out.

But nothing beats a visit home.

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Momo Fali said...

I went to junior high too. Old school is the best school and old friends are the best friends. Period.