Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Meanderings

Last night I went to the Lakers game.

(Picture of the Staples Center taken on my cheezy lil' cell phone)

Every time that Kobe went up to shoot free throws, everybody started saying “M.V.P” except the kid behind me. Hey kid, that’s MVP, not NVP. Also, somehow…”Let’s go Lakers” morphed into “I want tacos” when it was announced that if the Lakers held the Heat under 100, everybody in the whole joint got free tacos from Jack in the Crack. (Ewww…)

It’s 85 degrees here at work. WTF? It’s JANUARY. This is unusual. I know they say, It Never Rains In Southern California, but it’s NOT TRUE. It DOES rain, SHOULD rain. In January. My sister asked me what this weird weather means. I told her it means we’re all going to die.

I went to LA Live this weekend too. Took The Man to the Yard House to celebrate his birthday (Happy Birthday, baby!), and holy shit was the parking ridiculous there. It was $25 dollars for 2 hours and shot up exponentially every half hour, it capped out at $45 dollars, but goddamn, that’s like dinner and a drink that I’M NOT HAVING, because I need it to pay for my freaking car.

My friend drew this picture on my white board at work.

That was last week. This week is Cuckoo Dancing Week and California Dried Plum Digestive Month. I’d like to see her draw a picture of one of those.

Today I was feeling lazy when I got dressed for work. So even though I know I shouldn’t, I wore these to work.

Although technically they are allowed (they are, close-toed shoes…one of the many dictums of our dress code), they are frowned upon. Too casual. Well wouldn’t you know one of the MDs who will be working here part time dropped in unannounced? He just wanted to get the paperwork out of the way, he says. How about he was gorgeous? Why is the second week where when I am dressed just barely appropriate for work, I am waylaid by the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen? (Why now that I'm all happily married do I keep running into men whose legs I would happily hump? Now it's alllll window shopping. Damn)

Why is it that no matter what ELSE I talk about…I can always bring the conversation around to shoes?


Anonymous said...

Shoes really?

Kori said...

Those shoes look really comfy, and unfortunately, I am not married, and I find a guy ir two whoe leg I want to hump, and they run screaming. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

You hump legs too?

I thought I was the only married chick that did that.

Lump said...

I love the shoes. and hey, they can be worn any time any day anywhere! ;)

so jealous you went to the Lakers game. it was kind of like I was there since I was in southern california. sort of. ;)

and my friend works at the yard house in Fashion Island.

Life by the Handful said...

I'm in So Cal too. The weather is ridiculous but after it being cold for just a couple of weeks. I'm ready for the warmth, just not triple digit days hopefully they aren't around the corner.

angel said...

and whats wrong with always ending on shoes?