Friday, January 9, 2009

A Father and his daughter

The last 2 weeks, my daughter has been home. Christmas (perdon) WINTER vacation. I have work. Working at Big & Fancy hospital is good & bad. Good: I get regular paychecks, I occasionally bump into famous people I recognize. Bad: MY department never closes, so I very rarely get days off. And never GOVERNMENT holidays like President’s day.

My husband though, well…he’s military. And the last 2 weeks of the year he was getting 96’s (FOUR day weekends) like it was cool. So he spent a lot of time at home with the brat. Bonding. What do father and daughter bond over?

Call of Duty: World at War.

They sit in my den and kill the bad guy. Gruesomely, LOUDLY killing the bad guy. When she’s not killing her some Nazi’s, she’s her Daddy’s wingman. Telling him where to shoot, pointing out the snipers, and also? she relaying information on his headset when he plays online. He’s turned his baby girl into a blood thirsty Marine (or Russian, depending on where you fight). The funny thing she’s still a Jo Bros-loving, anime watching, when-can-I-start-wearing-makeup begging, giggly little girl. And then this past Saturday, I heard her tell her uncle, “I’ve played Zombie Hordes but it’s not fun because they give you a crappy gun to start with” (WTF?!)

It’s kind of funny. She can talk him into watching shit like the Cheetah girls (‘cause Mommy said hell-to-the-naw) or saying Yes when I’ve already said No (sometimes, I have to veto…but I still give an E for effort) And in return, she helps him save the world. Or as he puts it "Me & my baby are putting bodies in the ground."

I guess. Who am I say what they enjoy doing together? I may not love blood & guts (and I really REALLY don't), but I'm pretty sure that the time they spend together means a lot to the both of them. Whatever it is they're doing. From playing hide & seek in the house on rainy days, to random trips to the Queen Mary to video water balloon fights. When she grows up, she will remember those days, and remember that she was loved.

Because nothing says love like a water balloon to the face.

(And, did you know that Call of Duty was not only historically accurate, it provided actual facts from AND had real footage of World War also tied in to what she was studying at school? The Diary of Anne Frank. Well, how about that? A war game as a learning tool.)


bejewell said...

Well what do you know. Call of Duty as an educational toy. Who knew?

Really, time spent is time spent, who cares what they're doing? As long as they're together more power to 'em.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Hey, whether it be over virtual guns or not (the wingman line made me really smile!) it's all bonding, eh?

And hey, it's better than bonding over Barney. You gotta admit that!

Lump said...

hahaha this is awesome. I think I'm going to have to get in on this game! ;)