Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Psht...Mahna Mahna

It was one of those days...EVERYBODY was getting on my nerves at work. I work in a MD Administrative Office, but don't let that fool you. It's a cube farm. There are 9 people in a teeny little area AND NO WINDOWS...which may not be a big deal to SOME people, but it's a BFD to me.

I'm barely in the office, I check my mail and mumble something to myself. Probably something about needing an EXTRA LARGE cup of caffeine just to get me through the day, and my co-worker comes over and looks over my shoulder to see what I'm grumbling about. Because I know I am at my most dangerous when I am MSing (because there is no PRE- about it), I don't speak...I just look at her. I hate invaders of personal space*. Unless, I have invited you to look over my shoulder, just don't do it. Or I may be tempted to push my chair back and hope that I crack your pretty little pedicure or/and maybe break your toes.

I don't get my coffee, I can't walk that far. I drink some chamomile TEA (it's supposed to be SOOTHING, right?)and take the world's biggest Motrin and hope that my uterus does not fall out at work.

My co-worker's phone WON'T STOP RINGING. Which would be okay, except she's not answering it, so they're calling the main line and it's MY DAY to answer the phones, so I have to keep transferring all the calls BACK to her even though all the patients say they've been calling that number and NOBODY is answering that line and can I please help them but I can't because I'm just the hired help lady/sir not a doctor and have no idea what you're talking about and so no, I can't give you advice about your chest pains, or meds...I can just transfer you to the right department, so sorry, leave a message and hopefully she will call you back before the turn of the century[transfer line].

I'm now drinking HOT WATER. Because my co-worker is going through her own "personal summer" and keeps turning the air conditioner down to the antartica setting because she's on fire from the inside. Hey heffa. GET A FAN. I live in LA and do not have a parka I can bring to work to accommodate your hot flashes. Geez.

Then THIS SAME CO-WORKER gets into an hour long argument with another co-worker over why she doesn't have her own fax machine at her desk. HE does, her other co-worker does...it's just not fair. Blah, blah, blah...bitch bitch bitch...moan, moan, moan. I am TWO seconds from ending up on Snapped! because I was getting ready to snatch up the fax machine and shove in place where I'm pretty sure she wasn't gonna wanna reload the paper tray.

My other co-worker/partner in trouble-makin' sends me this:

Even now, I think this is the funniest thing ever. And laughing is really the only thing that kicks me out of a bad mood. So fuck it, mahna mahna. Heh. I feel better already.

*The only time you may invade my space is if I invite you. Or you are unarguably gorgeous and are buying my next drink.


Shania said...

I'm having that same kind of day. Thanks for the mahna mahna!

Katie said...

haha mahna mahna!

seriously hope your day got better. I will take note to NEVER invade your personal space... let me know if I get too personal. heh. ;)

Mamasphere said...

I don't know how you held it all in. As for the temperature, turn that baby back UP. Don't let anyone see you do it though- make it your own personal secret war.