Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the road again...

I'm sort of getting used to hobbling around on my fancy boot. It's been a few days, but now that I can walk around, I'll be damn if I sit in the house twiddling my thumbs.

So far, I've:
1. Made a fancy cake (yummy, yummy cake) and went to a bar to eat it.
2. Driven the brat to a friends for a sleepover
3. Went shopping (does it make me a bad person to exchange the brats clothes for a new dress for mommy?? It was on sale...)
4. Hit the movies --Mama Mia! I'm a sucker for musicals.
5. Celebrated my anniversary --do I really need to tell you what I was doing? Let's just say, it's easier to do what I did WITHOUT my cast.

So today, I was telling The Man how even though I'm out of my cast, I still feel like a cripple. You know, people still opening doors, the ooh, do you need any help with that & junk. Not that I don't appreciate it because I do, and I do need help with that. I've got a ginormous boot AND I'm using one crutch for support. But still. You get out of your cast, you want to feel like you're on the road to recovery. He makes no comment, because he's not dumb enough to think there's a right answer to that comment, and he's used to hearing me complain about my ankle.

So THEN I say...I have to go pee (again). I drink about a gallon of water every day and added to that, TODAY The Man is passing me beer to drink while I eat popcorn. (It was movie day). His response: Me too. Because you know I wasn't going to be drinking beer alone.

What that comment turned into? A foot race to see who can get to the bathroom first because even though we have TWO bathrooms, one is closer to the front door, and heaven forbid HE go to the one further away. Luckily for me...I had a head start because he was locking up the car.

Mmm hmm...The road to recovery, with a rest stop in what-the-hell-are-you-thinking? I hear they have great souvenirs there.


wendy said...


I just saw Mamma Mia last night, too. It was so great! :)

Kori said...

Yeah, take advanatage of the help while you have it, cuz you know it won't last. I am thinking of pretending I have an injury just so I can have some help! :)

Aimeepalooza said...

How dare he foot race a booted woman? Sounds like Aaron...only he'd probably trip me on purpose to win and then I'd hit him on the head with my crutch...we're competitive!

Immoral Matriarch said...

Eww. Water. Eww. And cake in a bar? *lol*

Katie Says said...

How was Mama Mia??

you and The Man sound so ridiculously fun! :)