Monday, June 9, 2008

Hard to believe I'm somebody's mother

People are always surprised to hear that I have kids. Sometimes, I guess it's because (so they say) that I look so young, but mostly I think it's because they think I am too childish myself to have children. I personally don't think so, I just like to embrace the things that I am still young enough to do/enjoy. But either way, it's not like I have to pass some kind of Maturity Test before you can start having brats. If you don't believe me, just ask Jamie Lynn Spears (ooooh, hello pot! I'm kettle)

But I digress. Even though my brats were happy accidents/surprises, I really REALLY enjoy them. The Boy is mostly grown, so my work is mostly done. Now all I can do is pray that all the things I've said/done haven't damaged him too much. Hardy har. The brat is old enough that I can do more with her and take her more places. I will even cop to enjoying watching Teletubbies with her, but I don't miss it now that she's moved on..some of these tween shows are freakin hysterical. And I do try to keep a firm lid on watching TV that is age appropriate (so no Sex & the City, or Real World for that one).

It's also a strange experience for me too. I had my kids so young, that I've done a lot of my growing up with them in the background. My college years also included some wild parties, and heavy drinking...but also diaper duty, and parties that I couldn't go to because I didn't have a babysitter. And even back then, some days I was calling out of work because the boy was sick and I - 19 year old me - had to take him to the pediatrician. It was weird having all that responsibility so young, but still fun. Mostly. It's NOT fun when you want to do something that all of your friends are doing, but YOU can't...or even knowing that before you would just quit a job because you wanted to, but now you know you need that job 'cause baby need a new pair a shoes (and I'm not talking about the crap table in Vegas). But it IS fun to watch your baby grow, even though you are still kind of a baby yourself...and it's fun to be young enough to want to get out there and play just as hard as your kiddo..and you've kind of got yourself a built in playmate, at least for a while.

Now, I'm sort of in between. The brat is older, we do more stuff...but she also does more stuff without Mommy now. That leaves me with more free time to be ME again, and not just mommy. I know what do with SOME of that time (when the man is home and the brat is at a sleepover), but the rest is sort of....odd. The man and I have starting dating again, a little bit. We've been MomandDad for so long, it's kind of nice to hang out as Me and Him again. I've picked up doing some of the things that I liked to do...hanging out with my girlfriends more, going to the movies. And some of things that I never got the chance to do when I was younger for various reasons, like going to concerts...and I have to say, this one I didn't know I would love so much. I have been to 6 concerts THIS year and I can't wait to see ColdPlay in July!

I think I may have a handle on keeping it balanced. This weekend, the brat had a soccer tournament all weekend. It was great! They played hard - they lost, but they played better than I've ever seen them play in this whole year of soccer. It was in another part of the city, and the weather was beautiful, so after the game we went to the beach and had a picnic.

And then after that, I went to EroticaLA (still in my beachwear), and bought an assload of toys & accessories & porn, oh my!

This Thursday, is the brat's last day of school. Her friend is having a sleepover Friday because it's her birthday.

Hehehe...Yeah, I think this being Me thing again is going to work out.

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Aimeepalooza said...

I was a youngish Mom too. (20 when I got knocked up with B.) But the older he gets the less time I have because of all his sports. It's like seriously sports and pizza is the story of my life.