Friday, June 13, 2008

Fantasy Friday

This morning I woke up here at this BEAUTIFUL RESORT:

I was rested and relaxed to the bones from the TWO HOUR MASSAGE I had gotten the night before. The weather was wonderful, the water was warm, and I contemplated a morning swim before breakfast.

It was quiet and lovely. And I was so happy for my vacation. Who doesn't like to get away? More importantly, who wouldn't want to get away to THAT? I read a trashy novel by the pool, and wait staff made sure that I was never thirsty or too hot (gotta love those spritzers).

Afterwards, I took a nap and then went shopping where I bought

because I.LOVE.SHOES.

And then my phone rang. And woke me up. DAMN. So I was dreaming. But it was a nice dream. :) The only thing that was missing was These guys .

But I guess that's okay. Because even though the phone disrupted my beautiful fantasy, I just rolled over & went back to sleep. No work today, and no rushing the brat off to school (FINALLY. School is out!)

And I did get those shoes. Did I mention how much I love shoes?


Karen said...

Whew! I am a bit relieved it was just a dream. I was starting to hate you a little. Oh and the shoes, fabulous, too bad I could never walk in them.

Rph Mommy said...

I want those shoes. Badly. Those are hawt.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I was feeling extremely jealous for a second there, but then found out it was a dream;) LOL