Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Moment with The Brat

Me: I'm on the way to the commissary. You want anything?

Brat: Can you bring me back some mandingo cherries?

Me: *blink*  Umm...NO. But I can bring you some MARASCHINO cherries. I'm pretty sure your dad doesn't want me to bring back any mandingos. 

The Man: Not at all.

Me: Also, Brat? When you get a chance, google mandingo.

I swear to you, these are REAL CONVERSATIONS that happen in my house.

**Also? I texted this conversation to her aunts, while laughing so hard I cried.

***But then I thought that this was too funny not to share. So here you go. 

****You're welcome.


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No. Really. Woooooow.

Mom2Jazz said...

AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA...OMG...I think I may pee myself