Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I did...

talk my girl friend into taking a day off to spend with me at Ditch Friday at the Palms Pool in Las Vegas.

pack too many clothes.

go to Lush and stock up on bath bombs...

let somebody give me tequila that had been smuggled down to the pool in a Bud Light can AFTER he took a shot first (I'm crazy y'all...not stupid).

send drunk texts to @undomesticdiva. Because she likes it.

take a picture of a guy's tattoo that looks suspiciously like a penis.

have a blast at Haze with @justonemiss @rewritingkel and the birthday girl: @redlotusmama

buy a shot for a Marine. Related: I also took a picture of his tattoo, because it was badass (he was Suicide Charley and you have to be a Marine to understand), and then sent that picture to The Man.

hug an Soldier who had just gotten back from Iraq.

NOT play any craps. (Boo!)

lose my money at the roulette table.

do a loud ghetto laugh just as the plane got silent.

NOT wear make-up to the pool.Waterproof mascara does not count.

break both of @sistuhgurl's flip flops at the same time. Damn, I'm clumsy. Related: I *did* get a guy to fix them for me.

find out who took the picture of me and Santa from the original #VegasBB

photobomb some pictures.

laugh a lot this weekend

wish some of you were there... <3

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Tara said...

Sounds like a freaking awesome weekend :)