Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One small step

I am horrible at making resolutions. I think maybe it has a lot to do with expectations. Yeah, I want to lose weight this year. Do I want to say that I’ve only got 12 months to do it? Nope. I’ll even tell you why: Because I get all intimidated… like that time I had a 64oz water bottle. That’s how much water you’re supposed to drink a day, BUT if I put it all in one big bottle like that, I’ll never finish it. HOWEVER, if I use a smaller water bottle…say…32 oz..I’ll probably refill it more than once. Baby steps, my friends. Don’t underestimate them.

I need to look at it in terms of what I need to do to accomplish my goals. (GOALS. Not RESOLUTIONS) Plans, and project management. Should be easy enough, I do plenty of that on the job, I should be able to apply to my life, right? I may not be able to make a resolution, but I can make a "To Do" list like a motherfucker.

My Steps?

Buying more veggies and fresh fruit --> healthier eating -->healthier me

Signing up for couch to 5K program --> going to the gym more often (+ healthier eating) -->losing weight
(should I apologize NOW for what is sure to be random blogging about how big my ass has gotten and/or OMG, why am I so out of breath on the treadmill and/or My legs, I can’t feel them?)

Returning to Church -->improving myself spiritually (in theory. NO, I’m not saying *YOU* have to attend Church to be spiritual, I’m saying that *I* attend church to be fed spiritually, and at least *that* is the kind of feeding that won’t make you fat. ALSO? Will this mean I can’t say “fuck” anymore?)--> not going to hell

Make a budget so that I can stop spending so much G.D. money on shit I don’t need or at least see WTF it's going -->more money to pay for bills --> less debt --> more money to save --> money to buy a house Added bonus? More money in my pocket!

I’m a work in progress. My baby steps will turn into full fledged steps. Just picture me as Rocky and I’m running up those steps and…. Ah, hell…this is gonna be me:

(Except I'd be wearing nicer work out clothes, and I don't have a dog, also it doesn't snow here, but you get the general idea, right?)

And on that, I am resolute.

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