Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WTF Wednesdays

I have a LOT going on. Really. So instead of trying to format it into a bunch of different posts, I’m just going to verbally vomit it all RIGHT here:

There's a guy in my Speech class, who, so far, has had a black eye for every speech he's given. WTH is THAT all about?

Every time I see a clip of a concert in my Music Appreciation class, I want to applaud. EVERY.TIME.

My instructor for Speech was in a ballooning accident in Turkey. (Yeah, WTF?!) So for the FIRST 3 weeks of class we had some random teacher and Monday we got the instructor we're going to have for the LAST 3 weeks of class. He's gorgeous. Now, the most shy girl in the going ALL out to get his attention. Not working though. I have a feeling the instructor doesn't want to get arrested on statutory rape charges (the girl is like 16...REALLY).

I have NO idea why I think this is so funny:

Thanks Tira. You suck. You know you do.

Instead of buying my nephew a gift, I made him a cake. (He loves his Uncle, and his uncle looooves the Marine Corps)

Sometimes, I even impress myself.

I took my daughter to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter. We sat in the chair the same way, the screamed at the same times and we found the same things hilariously funny. We also had the same random thought. I don't spend enough time with her. That's going to change.

I ran into my old boss while I was walking around campus. He said he recognized me or rather... he said, "I'd know that ass anywhere"

The Boy, who taught himself to play the guitar is performing in a "Battle of The Bands". I am equally impressed and horrified. (THIS one deserves it's own post. It's coming.)

I am sleepy. Once I get some solid sleep (and come back from my mini-vacation - NO, I still don't have a camera BUT I replaced the battery on my phone, so be prepared for drunken twitpicking and twittering), I will be ready to post something that doesn't resemble brain stew. Until then....Please to enjoy.


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maybe the black-eyed guy is in some type of fight club???!!!!