Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'll be blouses

(anybody remember that Chappelle skit? anyone?)

Ahem. Last weekend I went to see Prince. PRINCE. I have been in love with him since I was a girl in the 80's listening to the single of soft and wet at my cousin's house because HER mom didn't know anything about Prince and let her listen to whatever she wanted to, and my mom was SO UNFAIR and said there was no way in hell I could listen to that and as long as I lived in her house I had to abide by HER RULES, so me & my cousin would listen to it on her RECORD PLAYER -you know one of those records where you had to put the little thingy in the middle so it would play on your record player?

But I digress. I have tried to see Prince a gazillion times. But the stars just would not align. Of course, at first I was too young. Heh. Could you imagine asking your mom to see a person whose records you're not even supposed to KNOW about? Right. I actually DID see him once, at some random award show (when you live in LA you're bound to end up at an award show now & then, I think we won tickets on the radio or something...) Totally didn't count. And so I put him on the list of people to do SEE:

1. U2

2. Rolling Stones (if they're not dead before I can afford good seats)

3. Aerosmith (ditto)

4. Prince

5. Those damn Killers (it's like they're playing hide & seek)

There were others, but let's just say the last few years have been busy concert-wise...So now I've really just got the BIG BANDS (except the killers, which is just a matter of principal), and Prince. And one day I'm at work when I get an e-mail from a friend that says that Prince is in concert the next weekend, did I want to go? Do I want to go? Hell yes! He had 3 concerts-- all in one night. I chose the midnight show. Because if you could be anywhere at midnight, wouldn't you want to be with Prince? Rawr.

Anyhoots, good times. Even though he is so tiny (sorry honey, you are), he is still SO.VERY.SEXY. I was in the general admission, which for the venue was standing in front of the stage, so yes, I got a up close, and personal look at his royal highness. I got to watch Prince do what he was obviously born to do AND I also got to see Chaka Khan sing "Sweet Thang", which was...totally mind-blowing.

What I didn't get was a picture because 1. Prince does not let fans bring in cameras 2. He had JUST told somebody "hey..don't take my picture, just enjoy the show" 3. My phone does NOT have a flash and takes shitty indoor pix. Also..4. I STILL don't have a camera. Mine crapped out a few months ago and I've been too lazy to go to best buy or target or somewhere and pick one up. So that ALSO means: No drunk pictures of my friends, or the cuties that bought us a round. Dang!

Prince also asked what did we want him to play...and then played Beautiful Ones...I love that song...I really was hoping for darling nikki, was not to be. I can't complain though. Because really? I got to see this smirk in person, and is a total 'panty dropper', while he played the guitar and that alone was pretty damn awesome.


Karen said...

I love that you went to your cousins to listen to Prince. I was one who's mom never paid attention to what I listened to.
I haven't been to a concert in ages, but my friend just scored us SWEET seats to see U2 in October. Now I owe like a car payment to the bank of Brittany. LOL! But I am so excited to see them again it will totally be worth it!

Shania said...


I saw him once at the DC Armory in 9th grade. I wore my leather pants. He sang "How cum u don't call me anymore".

If possible, I loved him even more after the concert.

Kori said...

Come on, did he play Starfish and coffee? Because I love that song! And Aerosmith is playing at Sturgis this year.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh I'd love to see Prince! I still remember the first time I heard his tape. It was at a friend's slumber party.

When doves fly... going to have that in my head for the rest of the night lol.

raino said...

prince is awesome. good memories come flooding to my mind when i hear his tunes. dancing at the disco!

Anonymous said...

That is one fine a$$ man. Glad you has a good time.

the cubicle's backporch said...

Awesome!! I've always wondered if the older bands still had the 'magic' of their younger days. I think Fleetwood Mac was playing at a local casino and I really would have loved to see them. Or maybe it wasn't fleetwood mac... hmm. Well whatever.

I would love to see Aerosmith too.

kaila said...

Huge, huge, huge Prince fan. Sexy doesn't even do him justice. I am very jealous!

btw - my mom wouldn't let me listen to "Let's get physical" by Olivia Newton John!