Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All I want for Christmas

So The Man called me the other day to ask what I wanted for Christmas. My response? Nothin’. NOTHING? Nothin’.

Which is true. I’ve asked for a Wii Fit, and a bracelet from Tiffany's. But not for Christmas. I asked for the Wii Fit because, well...I want one. The bracelet from Tiffany’s? I ask every year for my birthday present. So far, not yet. But I keep hope alive. After all, he completely surprised me 2 years ago with a brand new car (He surprised me by having my friends take me out drinking and when I went back to my car found a NEW ONE in my parking space. He also scared the sober into me, because I thought my car had been STOLEN), so there’s still a chance. Although probably not until my car is paid off…

Every year, we go a little crazy buying gifts for everybody we know, whether or not we can afford it. This year, I put my foot down. We pulled names this year at Thanksgiving dinner, so that we all had to buy ONE gift an adult, and then we can buy for the kiddies only. I did the Yankee Swap with my girl friends. I baked cookies for co-workers.

Not those two. Those 2, I gave to The Man. He likes head. What can I say?

This year, he’s already given me everything I asked for: He’s fixed my bike, so that I can go riding;He drove all the way to the hospital to get my prescription when I realized the MD did NOT give me strong enough drugs after surgery on my ankle, 25 miles away AT 5 PM IN rush hour traffic; He pumped me full of vicodin held my hand when I had a slight melt-down because I was absolutely positive I was going to die if I couldn’t get my cast off RIGHT.NOW. And, he buys me cookies (you know, those sugar cookies and have icing & sprinkles.? Yum).

I can’t think of anything that I want to see under the tree for me, so, I told him that I already got what I wanted. I’m relatively easy to please (obviously), and he knows this. Still he says, I can’t get you NOTHING for Christmas. Sure you can, I say. I don’t want anything. Except maybe some sex. I know... How about you put your dick in a box?

Anyways, I hope your Christmases are filled with the kinds of gifts that keep giving all year through. Have a Happy!


Anonymous said...

Marry CHRISTMAS. It is already the 25th here. XOXO

Miss said...

Bwahaha! I hope you got what you wanted!!

Simplicity said...


That bracelet is beautiful, but a NEW car?! I'll take that instead please!

Here's hoping he still has his member in tact cause if he puts it in a box that'd be kinda pointless!! :)

Lump said...


sooooooo did you get your dick in a box? ;)

we drew names too. It's so much easier that way.