Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thank yous*

Okay...And one LAST thing to say about voting (go ahead & click it. I'll wait).


SOMEBODY hearts my blog. Hiya Elf Lady, Lovely Lady Lump, Kori and Mamasphere! I was SUPPOSED to have done this some time ago, but time gets away from me pretty quickly (all you need is something shiny…)

Anyways, the rules. Choose some blogs I like, and pass the love. Not much of a rule follower –what a surprise, right? – so bloggy hearts go to….

Miss: ‘Cause her blog is pretty fuckin’ awesome.
Immoral Matriarch: Because that’s a kick ass name for a kick ass blog. She makes you think, she makes you laugh, and even sometimes, makes me cry.
Mr. Lady: yeah. Anybody with that name HAS to be interesting. And she is.
And actually these ladies who chose to give me this award have EXCELLENT taste (hehe) and damn good blogs themselves.

So, I think it says 5 or 7 depending on who you ask, or who gives it to you. But really, I read a LOT of blogs (mostly when I should be working) and I couldn’t put you ALL down here, so I’m going with 3.

Because I'm a rebel. And lazy.

*So I made YOUS plural, because it was MORE than one thank you. I don't know if it CAN be plural, and usually, I'm kind of a grammar nazi, but this time I'm going to let it pass because who is going to nitpick a thank you (actually, I guess I am, but whatev.)


Kori said...

I loved the thank you! That is so cool; how did you do that?

Miss said...

OMG THANKS! Grouping me with those two chicks who are FAR superior bloggers than I am is a freakin' honor!

Your rock!

Lump said...

The mob says Yous, well Joe Pesci does. so fugetaboutit.

Mr Lady said...

I'm really not very interesting at all, I just play it on the internet.


Anonymous said...

you rock thanksssssss

Immoral Matriarch said...

Thank you!!!!
I am so kick ass. I know it.

I'm kidding!

Aimeepalooza said...

Thank yous too!!!! XOXO