Thursday, October 16, 2008

The stars are NOT out...

Today was somewhat of a lazy day. I took the day off so I could do some school stuff and quite possibly go to a movie. Well, I did the school stuff...but then I got a better offer. I went on a Warner Brothers studio tour!

The last tour that I remember is the Universal Back Lot tour, in which I ended up on the set of some movie because I had wandered off, and I ran into Steven Spielberg who directed me back to where I should have been in the first place. But that was AGES ago.

Anyhooters, I had the day off and my cousin wanted to take me over there, so off we went. I'm not necessarily a star stalker, well...not unless you're this guy, and I probably wouldn't recognize you unless you were in a movie because I don't watch TV much. But you'd figure you'd see a COUPLE of stars on a working lot, right?

I saw where they film ER. The ambulances (which are real) parked at what I'm guessing was the "back of the hospital", I saw "Chicago" where ER is filmed... I saw lights, and cameras...and no action. Not an actor in sight.

I saw the woods where they taped True Blood, one of my favorite new TV shows. Comes on HBO and if you haven't seen it, you're missing out. Really. They showed us Merlotte's, the lagoon where they filmed Treasure Island (which is incidentally, the same "woods"), and they filmed parts of The Last Samurai there.

Also in the woods, I saw: A random folding chair, and some squirrels.

No people. No actor-types, not even a under-fed starlet. WTF?

The tour was fabulous. I saw the set for Chuck, the Friends old set, where they filmed Gilmore Girls...which is one of my favorite shows and the street where they filmed Rent (Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes...). I even got sorted by the sorting hat: Slytherin. Me? Sneaky? Nooo... LOL.

And to top it off...I went to McCormick & Schmicks's across the street from the Warner Brothers lot for lunch. I had a long island ice tea, because they are so good there. I reached down to pick up my napkin and look back up to see the wait staff ushering big & famous star into a booth and pulling the curtain so they can eat in peace. Well, damn. I missed it.

So I guess there were no stars out today. I guess I'll do my star gazing like I always do, when they randomly end up visiting the hospital for whatever it is, they come there for. Let's just hope it's not while I'm singing in the bathroom thinking I'm alone.


Rhea said...

No way, how cool!! I've never seen a movie set before. That'd be a lot of fun. I loved reading the Sookie Stackhouse series...and I saw the first episode of True Blood, but I don't have HBO. I need to get it or get HBO On Demand so I can watch it...

Kori said...

I have seen some starts but never been to a movie set-how cool are you!

Katie said...

I'm jealous... how fun is that! And I don't have HBO. :(

Immoral Matriarch said...

True Blood is starting to get really good! Tell me Lafayette isn't the BEST character ever.

Threeboys1mommy said...

I don't know if you watch Ellen, but she tapes her show there and she's trying to trap George Clooney. It's too funny. Do you live in L.A?

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

"and I ran into Steven Spielberg who directed me back to where I should have been in the first place"

Oh my God! You were directed by Steven Spielberg? What was it like? Did he say, "OK, now do it again with more feeling!"?

Stuart Peel said...

True Blood is great isn't it ?

I recently went to the Warner Bros. Park in Madrid and it was pretty good, but I'm sure nowhere near as good as where you went.

Great blog by the way.