Monday, October 20, 2008

Movie Monday!

So I saw a couple of movies over the weekend. And now for your enjoyment (and mine) I’m going to attempt to connect the movies aka Play Six Degrees of…Keri Russell (Just like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, only…not):

Saturday morning was pretty uneventful. The Man was outside mowing the lawn, my friends were driving down from out of town...and I was still in bed. I get up pretty much every morning at 5AM, dammit, so I figured lollygagging on a Saturday was allowed. And since I don’t watch TV much, I thought I’d watch a movie that I bought a couple of weeks ago. It’s an oldie but goodie:

Yep. I puffy heart and rainbows this movie. I really, REALLY do. Cool songs, Aerosmith with a young Steven Tyler (DAMN)…even Earth, Wind & Fire who may or may not be in concert NOW and if they are I’m TOTALLY going to see them. Completely unrelated, but still true.

Anyways, Sgt. Pepper starred the Bee Gees, Peter Frampton and George Burns…who, incidentally was ANCIENT…even then. And this guy. Who is absolutely hilarious. Except for in those Cheaper by the Dozen movies. Which I hate. Anyways, Steve Martin also did some time in The Little Shop of Horrors. Another oldie but goodie. With Tisha Campbell. Hasn’t been in anything that I can remember in forever, except Martin…but 1) that’s not recent and 2) we’re talking movies here. So! Moving along, Spike Lee tried to help Tisha Campbell out with some flicks, and so he put her in School Daze. Y’all ‘member this movie? Spike is a generous fellow, and so also put this guy in that flick too. Samuel mother fuckin' Jackson. Who, incidentally is mighty fine looking in person. MIGHTY FINE.

Mr. Jackson...because I'm nasty y'all... was in Pulp Fiction. With Ving Rhames.He was taking his life in his hands by starring in a little movie with Tom "couch jumping" Cruise called Mission Impossible III. Which also, in case you were interested, starred Keri Russell.

Why would I play a game that includes Keri Russell, you ask? Well, SHE was in TWO of the movies I saw this weekend: August Rush and Waitress. See? Not as unconnected as you'd think.

But...If you're interested...Remember how I told you that Keri Russell was in MI III, with Tom "I'm crazy" Cruise? Well Mr. Cruise was in A Few Good Men, which is, a damn good Marine Corp Movie with none other than:



Shania said...

Oooh! I saw Earth, Wind & Fire at JazzFest at the N'awlins Superdome in 1995. ( Other than Prince, best concert evah.

Immoral Matriarch said...

My girls LOVE Sgt. Pepper's. They call it 'The Guys Who Sing The Beatles'. LOL

Katie said...

OMG This is genuis! :)

I really liked August Rush, but couldn't get down with Waitress for some reason....

Courtney said...

Ha! that's some creativity in a post, or way too much free time :) Loved it!