Saturday, October 11, 2008

But can you put it in a song?

I LOVE musicals. Really. In the last year, I've seen Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, The Color Purple, Wicked, The Music Man...and Annie's up next. And that's just on stage. I won't even get into the movies. Or at least, not right now. Heh.

The Man...well, he does not love them. He says it's not like musicals are useful in REAL LIFE. Or are they...? Did you know that they can also serve as warnings? Anybody seen the Music Man? Go ahead take a look at my favorite part. I'll wait. These are actual e-mails that I sent out today:

Warning #1

I got an e-mail from Fredericks of Hollywood. They're having a sale! (I know, I'm not really advertising...I'm sending you a warning) And so my friends...I wanna talk about trouble my friends...Right here in River City. With a capital T that rhymes with P and stands for PANTIES!

Because you know where THIS road will lead. They'll pull a Target on you. You will go in there thinking that you will probably only spend $20 and $100 later, you'll be leaving dazed and confused and trying to figure out how they stripped you of all your spending cash.

Or I guess, if you've got big bucks to spend and a hankering to update your lingerie...Corsets and bras and panties, oh my!

Warning #2

I was driving the Brat to school and we drive by a Marie Callendar's every day. Mmmm...I love their pies. Well, I don't know if you know this, but twice a year...and conveniently in my birthday month, their pies go on sale. I say, Trouble. With a capital T that rhymes with P and stands for PIES.

$6 pies. So yummy, so cheap, to make me forget that I'm trying to lose weight, and so I'll go right out and buy a SOUR CREAM LEMON pie because nobody likes those but me, so I don't have to share, so it can take me as long as I want to eat it.

This last one, not so much a warning...or maybe not a COMPLETE warning. A warning and an FYI...? This time I say trouble. Right here in River City! With a capital T that rhymes with B and stands for BIRTHDAY*! YAY!

*This Random & Ridiculous post is brought to you by the BIRTHDAY GIRL. If you see me out, go ahead, buy me a shot of chocolate cake...cause Trouble is also with a capital T that rhymes with D and stands for Drinkin'. Ha.


Miss said...

Oooooh I might just have to hit up Fredricks today. Thanks for the tip!

And I LOVE musicals.

Kori said...

To hell with musicals, I love me some lemon pie. I would fight you for it, I think. Happy Birthday!

Katie said...

dude now I want to go shopping for new bras and eat pie for dinner tonight! dammit.