Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Add this to your grocery list

Here in Southern California, there are a few radio stations you can listen to:
Radio Disney (we’re all ears!) – The kiddie station
KIIS – The pre-teen/ I’m not sure what kind of music I like yet, station
KPWR – The hip hop station
KJLH – The R & B station
KROQ – All rock, all the time.

Usually in the morning, I have to listen to KIIS, because the Brat is 12, and she’s too old for radio Disney (mostly), and too young for everything else. And even though I hate Ryan Seacrest, I will occasionally listen to placate the young Miss Thing.

Well today was NOT one of those days. I got up in a foul mood (stupid period), after over-sleeping, and I forgot my lunch. So, I figured we could listen to KROQ. I was in the mood for some funny, and their morning show is pretty hilarious.

USUALLY, before they have something completely inappropriate (read: sexually explicit) they will give some kind of warnings. Today, they were talking about things that you forgot you packed before going to the airport. Started off normal, this lady called and said she & her mom were put in a holding tank for 20 hours in Germany because the authorities thought her grandmother’s remains were for a bomb…this guy calls and says his mom smuggled illegal fireworks from Mexico, by accident, he says. And then. (Isn’t there always an “and then”?) Then this guy calls and says his wife had packed edible underwear for their honeymoon, and they had gotten randomly picked to open the bag.

Why me? Why is it that I always have to explain random things to the Brat just when I not expecting it.

Brat: *making a face* Do they really have such a thing as edible underwear?
Me: Yeah ::sigh:: they do.
Brat: Do you get them at the grocery store?
My inside thought:

Me: No, you buy them at places you are not old enough to go.

Maybe my sister was right. She told me to say, Yes, you CAN get them in the grocery store. Right next to the fruit roll ups.

The next trip to the commissary would be a doozy.


Kori said...

Thanks for the much needed laugh; loved the price check thing. And really, AREN'T they fruit roll ups?

Mamasphere said...

I never have good answers for stuff like this. I suck at on the spot life lesson sessions.

So I guess no radio for me?

Shania said...

You are so lucky you don't have satellite radio. It's not regulated at all, and while that's fine for me, I have to keep it on the kidstuff channel when Silas is in the truck.

The Laundress said...


That just figures doesn't it?

So nice to meet you.

Thank you for visiting and commenting today!

blog hugs back at ya!

Susan said...

Too funny! I haven't ventured into those days yet, but I am quite sure something like this will happen to me. It always does!

Miss said...

97.1!!!! Live and breathe for Adam Carolla in the mornings. I think you should get your kid an iPod or something. Worked for me.

Katie said...

They definitely should sell edible panties at the grocery store! yes, right by the fruit roll-ups. LOVE IT. haha!

oh dear I wish I was rich so I can move to Southern California. one day, one day....