Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thirteen things

Thirteen Things about ME

Well, check Meme Out (hehe..get it?)

1. I love a man in Uniform

2. I got married in Hawaii on the beach, when I was 19 years old. My husband wore his Uniform.

3. I have moved 7 times in the last 15 years. Thank you, Marine Corps.

4. I have NEVER lived overseas, but I have always wanted to live in Spain.

5. Within 6 months, my MIL came to visit me in Hawaii, and stayed for 2 months. I actually enjoyed it because she cooked every day.

6. I hated it too, because I knew she knew I wasn't listening to the radio every night at bedtime.

7. I lived in Boston for 4 years and it was the worst experience of my life. I came *this close* to divorce. In the end though, The Man & I are better people and have a better relationship because of it.

8. I got two of my four tattoos in Boston.

9. I got my first tattoo when I turned 18 in Hollywood, next door to where I used to work. I was a telemarketer, I hated my job, and there were hookers that worked right in front of my building.

10. I got my last tattoo in honor of my MIL who had breast cancer, along with The Man and his sister. We all have the same tattoo.

11. I almost got a tattoo of an autograph of a Rock god. Thank God the tattoo parlor was booked, because alcohol had let my inner fangirl loose and I was too drunk to reign it in.

12. I have the weirdest taste in music of anyone that I know. ZZ Top is performing and I TOTALLY want to see them.

13. I don't love chocolate. But I LOOOOVE candy.

That last one is completely random...I mean, even MORE random than the other stuff, but still true.

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Kori said...

So what is wrong with ZZ Top? I am being totally serious, too! :)

THopgood said...

1. I'm DYING to visit Boston. Never been there but have always wanted to go...& I have NO idea why!

2. I LOVE ZZ Top and have them downloaded on my ipod and listen to them every time I run.

3. In regaurds to the chocolate comment...we cannot be friends...


Mamasphere said...

The whole chocolate thing works out perfectly- we would never be stealing each other's loot! I hate candy, but chocolate is divine, in any way I can get it.

Judith Shakespeare said...

LOL. To a southern girl, your taste in music sounds really normal. I got my first tattoo for my 16th birthday... BUT I do have one that matches one of my hubby's, so maybe we're twins? :)

anti-supermom said...

ZZ Top, yeah that is really strange to me, but whatever trips your trigger :) and not a fan of chocolate, VERY strange...