Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How do I top it?

Last year my friend wanted to go the Saddle Ranch for her birthday. It's a fun place to go hang out, it's got a mechanical bull and very friendly waiters (especially if you've got a table of pretty girls).

Most of our friends got her gift certificates. For clothes, for Bath & Body type stuff, for music. Me, I got her something different. I told her that since she was the baby of our little group, I'd bring the cake. What KIND of cake? This kind:

Yeah. I made her the cute kiddie cake. It involved AirHeads, and JELLO and teddy grahams (oh my!). And let me tell you, it was crazy tasty. I found the recipe in some random magazine, actually, I BOUGHT the magazine because of the picture of this cake on the front, but I never would have thought I'd be making it for a almost 30 year old woman.

So now, it's birthday time again. This year: Lucky Strike Bowling Alley - bowling for adults... this isn't your momma's bowling alley, ladies. And now I have a request for a new birthday cake. That's what I get for being all creative and shit.

So now I gotta figure out what kind of cake to make now. A cake shaped like a bottle of patron? Shaped like a gumball machine? One with sparkles and smoke and mirrors, hell, I dunno. I got a few weeks. Maybe I'll post it once I figure it out. Wish me luck!


BookMomma said...

I vote for the Patron Cake!!

Thanks for stopping by the Hotwheel Hacienda earlier. I can't wait to see how the cake drama unfolds!

Kori said...

Wow-you MADE that? Sheeeet. Guess who is going to be commissioned to make MY next one! Ha ha-but that is some major coolness there!

Katie Says said...

PATRON CAKE ALL THE WAY!! yes! You have a lot of patience to be making such extravagant cakes, lady! ;) Totally admire you.

angel said...

so what'd you decide to do?

Mamasphere said...

You MADE that cake? Well, I'm impressed. AND it tasted good. Even more impressed!

Would your patron cake have patron in it? 'Cause that would be the best cake ever.