Thursday, July 31, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

So far, this injury has made me miss a beach party, a cross-country drive, a Coldplay concert and the X-games. Because really, I can't hobble on my crutches at the beach, or sit in a car for DAYS on end, or stand on one leg in the pit for several hours, and I can't hobble around trying to catch best trick and moto X.

And because I had been feeling slightly sorry for myself (and I got lost in the world of blogs), I hadn't checked my concert e-mails in quite some time. More fool me. I clean out my box -sounds dirty, doesn't it? - and find a pre-sale e-mail for none other than

(I puffy heart and rainbows Dave Grohl...Really, I do)

The end of September, at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. Guess who hasn't been in Vegas in almost 2 years AND should be out of her lime green prison AND has a birthday coming up?!

Viva Las Vegas, baby! Meet me at the bar!


jennyonthespot said...

I am so stinkin' sorry... It's so hard to miss great stuff because of things like this! Grrr...

However... lady you betta get them tickets! My friend just went to see them (in Vegas) and she is still swooning. I sure hope it happens for ya!

The friend I mentioned is a fellow blogger - and she wrote about the concert, and included a few videos... maybe you can day dream about the goodness to come :

Katie Says said...

ooooh I will meet you at the bar! that is going to be a good show. = )