Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's new...

Try to ignore the pink toes, they matched the LAST cast. LOL. I did however, go into the Doc's office in a green shirt, fully aware I was going to request a new color and I wanted to match when I left. And yes, I'll be getting 1/2 a pedicure soon. Yep, I'm a weirdo...but at least I don't bite (often).


Shake, Rattle and Roll...I live in Southern California, and although I've lived other places, there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME. I mean Hawaii comes close, but umm...I lived through 1 tsunami and that was plenty. I've also experienced blizzards on the east coast and flash floods in the west.
What I usually say about the many places that I've lived temporarily is "They are nice places to visit, but I wouldn't want to LIVE there". I'm sure many people say that about California, but that's okay.
Yesterday, while I was having lunch with friends (but BEFORE they used a SAW to cut me out of my cast), there was an earthquake. Not a bad one, but again, I've lived mostly in Cali all of my life, and so I can be pretty cavalier about such things. I was just being seated, so for a second, I thought "Wow, my big ass really needs to diet if I can feel the floor shaking like this"...But then I took a look around. I looked up and saw the light fixtures swaying all crazy and a waiter looking like maybe he shit his pants (I think maybe he was one of those kids who moved from the midwest, waiting tables while waiting to be discovered... I was having lunch in Beverly Hills and this particular restaurant has a lot of would-be actor types).
Then I thought,'s an earthquake.So then, I had to check in. My sister, everything okay where you are? You talk to our Mom? My friends I went to lunch with borrowed my phone to make sure their homes were still standing. And you have to call the people you know have lived in California all of their lives, but are still unnaturally afraid of earthquakes to make sure they didn't drop dead of heart attacks. Then, naturally, the network jams from all the phone calls being made.
Even The Man calls me, he's not home yet, still driving but heard there was an earthquake on the news. I'm alive, in fact, I'm at lunch having a pina colada. Even got a few e-mails, thanks Laural over at Mamasphere for checking in, glad to know people in the blog world care too.That's my day in the life. And here I was thinking that my life with the cast was going to be boring...