Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank you Little Miss Obvious

4 year old niece: What happened to your foot auntie?

Me: I twisted it when I stepped in a hole.

4 year old: Did it hurt?

Me: yes, a LOT.
4 year old GENIUS: You shouldn't have stepped in the hole, auntie.
Me: Well, honey if I had SEEN the hole I probably wouldn't have hurt my foot.
4 year old SMARTY PANTS: Next time, just jump over the hole like this (hops on one foot). That's what I do when I see a hole. That way you won't hurt your foot.
Me: Thank you. I will remember that the next time I don't see a hole.
4 year old: (nods head, because I'm guessing to her that response made perfect sense) Okay. Can I touch your leg?


Katie Says said...

very cute. so, did you let her touch your leg? ;)

Lynette said...

Of course! What kind of auntie would I be if I didn't?

Mamasphere said...

That sounds EXACTLY like MY four year old, right down to the hopping demonstration. Too funny.

How is it healing?

Lynette said...

Just call me Hop-Along. Feeling somewhat better, but still no cast. I'm waiting on making my fashion statement in plaster