Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No good deed goes unpunished

When I get home from work, I tell The Man, if you have anything that needs to go to the cleaners, give it to me, because I've got errands to run. He's gone for ten minutes. And he comes back with a bag as big as Santa's sack. Take that any way you want. Ahem.

I just look at him. WTF, dude?

Well. You've got stuff in this bag too, he says.

So I drag this bag to my car. Go to pick up The Brat's bus pass, stop by the beauty supply place 'cause I need hair stuff. And then I head to the cleaners.

The lady just looks at me as I pull shirt after freakin' shirt outta this bag. I feel like this is some sort of magic bag, and eventually I'm gonna pull out a rabbit or some shit. And under my breath, I'm saying ... Is this m'fer SERIOUS? I thought I had some shit in this bag too.

Oh, look. There it is!
Let's tally this, shall we?

The Man                                           Me

15 shirts                                           1 Cream Slacks
6 pants                                             1  Black Dress

He better be glad I had money to pay this NOW, so that I could get a discount. Because I would be mad as hell if I would have had to pay $100 damn dollars because he tricked me into taking every shirt he owned to the dry cleaners all at once.


Mom2Jazz said...

AHAHAHHAHHA...sorry. I only laugh b/c it will happen to me.

Laural Out Loud said...

THAT is funny. I forget to bring teh dry cleaning into the house, so when I finally remember, it's like three or four hanging bags full. I LOVE putting it away, though- it makes the closet look so pretty!