Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This should totally be a Weight Loss Wednesday post...

Except, I haven't lost any weight.
Because I haven't been to the gym all week.
Because I've been too busy playing hide and go tweet with THESE GUYS.

Somehow, though...I managed to lose an inch on my waist though.

Not ungrateful. But still. I can do better.
And then, this Sunday was the Super Bowl...So I'm sure you already know that any thoughts of "eating healthy" went right out the window, when the pizza (it was spinach and feta cheese, does that count?) got to the house.

So. Gym tonight, and healthy food type things until next Wednesday's post. Deal?


Toni said...

hey that's another inch you dont have to lose next week. You're doing good.

miss tejota said...

I agree with Toni.

Also, you didn't get discouraged which is an UH-mazing thing!!!