Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Thursday night/Friday I was sitting in the Emergency Department praying for the Man to get better. SOON. And he did. They released him Friday afternoon. But in the typical “I’m feeling FINE stop worrying” attitude, he did too much and ended up sick AGAIN Saturday.

Saturday. The day we were scheduled to have Champagne/Birthday Party at my house for one of my best friends in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD (Her son's Prom was scheduled on her birthday). I’ve known her since I was 5 years old (and believe it or not, she still likes me). I introduced her to her son's father, and I was a constant babysitter when they split and she worked crazy hours to support them.

The Man, who loves her son like one of his own, was determined to see him off for his prom. No matter what.

(yes. He rolled out of his sickbed long enough to say cheese because my friend INSISTED he take a picture even though he looks like hell and because I'm a jerk I posted it on the internet for the world to see)

You'll be happy to know, that he's doing MUCH better today.

P.S. Thanks all of you for your well wishes. I needed them.


Miss Grace said...

Glad to here he's doing better.

Kori said...

That's a man for you, no? Glad he is doing better, glad YOU are doiing better.