Monday, February 8, 2010

An extra kick in the pants

Thursday I decided that I cannot live in my house unless I change my cat litter RIGHT. NOW. So even though I had come straight home and put on my pajama pants, I threw on some tennis shoes and went over to the Target. My cousin, D, who just happened to be at my house and needed weights for some boot camp program she was starting on Monday decided to ride shotgun.

Since I had decided that the only thing I was picking up from the Target was kitty litter, I didn't even grab a cart. We ran by the workout section grabbed some 3 lb weights and walked over to the pet section. We find a 35 lb bucket of cat litter on sale. And we attempt to carry it to the register.* Holy shit, y'all that's heavy. First, we both hold the handle and try to drag it to the register. We get pretty far until we have to put it down because we can't laugh hysterically AND carry almost 40 pounds because I can't even believe how ri-damn-diculous it is that cat litter is so fucking heavy and I'm not sure how well THIS plan was thought out and where the fuck is that random empty cart that has been abandoned by some jackass when you really need one as opposed to when it's just in your way screwing up your shopping experience?

Holy Crap, this is heavy.

In the end, D just dragged the cat litter to the register and we snagged an empty cart while we were in line because there was no way we were gonna carry that shit to the car.

And as we were wrestling it in the car, I said *this* is about how much weight I want to lose.(30 pounds all told. But still) OMFG is THIS what thirty pounds feels like ON MY BODY?! Aaand...cue the screaming on the inside.

So even though I've been hitting the gym AND bringing my mostly healthy lunch, I am taking the time to thank Tidy Cats Cat Litter for reminding me why I am doing all of this: Because 30ish pounds is heavier than a motherfucker and picturing that on my ass has given me MORE motivation that I ever needed to get rid of it.

*Also, I would like to pat myself on the back for entering Target and *only* getting the thing that I came in there for, even though they've got bathing suits and the first season of Glee and BOOKS! All kinds of books! Because that is probably the first time I've done that in years.


Shania said...

You are a stronger woman than me, my friend. My target (heh) at Target is to get out for under $200.

Gilsner said...

Wow, that really puts things in perspective doesn't it?!? I mean, I always thought I knew how much 30 pounds was (approximately a small, young child) but cat litter is heavy.

Good thing I brought raisins for breakfast! ;)

Beck said...

I have NEVER left Target with only one item! That alone deserves an award of some sort, LOL!

Kori said...

I am right there with you-only already carrying around TWO fucking bickets of fucking cat litter around on my body. Blach. :)

Anonymous said...

When things are put into prospective like that it makes it a little different and gives you more of a drive huh? Now I am thinking, holy crap, I need to take off about 30-40 lbs myself and comparing it to kitty litter (which I know is damn heavy I got some for a neighbor once) is making me think I am fatter than I thought, so thanks for that reminder, too. ;)

And congrats on going into Target and getting only what you went in for. I can't go do Target, I spend at least 50 bucks each time. It's a bad bad thing.


Anonymous said...

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